Review: Hunter Fan Company Low Profile New Bronze Ceiling Fan

Flush-mount ceiling fans have certain challenges to their design. They must move air efficiently, be reasonably quiet, and not overheat. To solve those issues, some manufacturers have adapted to a “low profile” design instead of a true ceiling hugger design. That’s the case with the Hunter Fan Company Low Profile New Bronze Ceiling Fan. This option is more of a traditional look than the Anslee ceiling fan by this manufacturer, but provides many of the same benefits.

For starters, you still receive the WhisperWind motor with this low-profile model. That gives you the airflow benefits that you want without the hum or added noise that other ceiling huggers tend to cause.

There are these key features to take a look at as well with this ceiling fan by the Hunter Fan Company.

  • The blades of the fan are specially coated with a nanotechnology called “Dust Armor.” It is a patented technology from Hunter and it repels nearly 60% of the dust build-up that other ceiling fans experience.
  • The fan blade length is 42 inches on this model and the 5-blade design does a good job of providing a consistent feeling of airflow at every available speed.
  • The motor on this Hunter model is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. It provides a flush-mount look, but in a low-profile setting that increases the airflow potential in any room.

Three different finishes are available for this specific model: white, antique pewter, and new bronze. Our review involves the new bronze finish only.

Observations About the Hunter New Bronze Ceiling Fan

Unlike other flush-mount ceiling fans, this specific model does not come with a light kit in the box. There are some light kits that will work with this fan, however, but they must come from compatible models manufactured by Hunter only. Look for light kits from the “9 Series” if you’d like to equip one to this model.

Some “5 Series” light kits may work with this ceiling fan as well.

From the top of the ceiling to the bottom of the fan, this model measures 7.5 inches. Adding a light kit will extend that length somewhat.

We did notice that there was just a bit of a balancing issue with this ceiling fan during our installation process. It tends to be a little touchy on its form based on the direction it is going. You’ll likely need to rebalance the fan every time you reverse the direction of the motor.

The fan itself puts out a surprising amount of air once you finish the installation. Don’t be fooled by the CFM rating of 2902. When you have the highest speed setting on, you’ll feel the downdraft right away. You can control speeds on this fan by using an attached pull chain.

Although there may be stronger ceiling fans out there, the combination of value, ease of installation, and durability with the Hunter Fan Company Low Profile New Bronze Ceiling Fan is difficult to ignore. Give it a try and you’ll see why we ended up loving this fan so much.

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