Review: OEM Tools Oscillating Wall Mount Garage Fan

If you want a garage fan that will give your space full coverage, you’ll find that your options are quite limited. Most ceiling fans are either stationary or require you to point the fan in the direction that you want the air to flow. The OEM Tools Oscillating Wall Mount Garage Fan gives you the extra options that you may need.

This 30-inch fan is designed to mount on a wall instead of a ceiling, giving you the oscillating feature that is so often missing in this category. When the installation instructions are followed with precision, you can achieve a 90-degree oscillation with this fan.

Here are the additional features to consider with this garage fan by OEM Tools.

  • It offers a CFM rating of 9500, making it possible to cool down a garage or workshop in a very short period. You’re given access to 3 different speed options with this fan so you can control your airflow volume as well.
  • The blades of this wall-mount fan are constructed from aluminum, giving you a durable user experience that can withstand moisture exposure.
  • It operates through the use of a 6-foot UL-listed power cord. You can control the speed of the fan through the use of a standard pull-chain toggle.

We did find that the pull-chain on this garage fan was fairly sensitive. If you pull on it too firmly, it does break.

Outcomes from the OEM Tools Oscillating Garage Fan

What makes this fan so powerful is its high-efficiency motor. Rated at 2.4 amps, it provides a consistent performance that can give your space the airflow it needs all year long. This power does come with added noise, however, as the fan is rated to produce a total noise output of 76 decibels at its highest speed.

Installing this fan is pretty easy. Just install the mounting bracket onto one of your wall studs. Be sure to use a stud finder if your garage or workshop is finished. It will pull the screws out if they are only secured in your drywall. Be sure to lock the mount down tight because this fan will shake and vibrate if it isn’t because of the power that is behind it.

That switch is something that you’ll want to pay attention to using with this fan. Every other component speaks of a high-quality manufacturing process. The switch is basically a cheap plastic toggle. Swapping out the switch on your own could void the warranty on the product, but so will damaging the switch by “using it neglectfully.” We recommend having a plan in place or to just choose one fan setting and leave it there.

Once you get it up and running, the OEM Tools Oscillating Wall Mount Garage Fan does a great job. It is the real deal when it comes to whole-area airflow, even if it is a bit noisy compared to traditional ceiling fans. If you need to improve the environment of your garage or working area, this fan has the power to help you quickly and efficiently.

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