The Best Chimney Liner Kits Reviewed

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Whether you’re using a fireplace insert or you’ve just installed a brand new cast iron wood stove, the way you vent the exhaust from these home heating options is incredibly important. The best chimney pipe inserts will help you do so, often using your existing chimney structure, without much difficulty. Sometimes called a flue pipe or a stove pipe, the best inserts have unique qualities that will enhance your home heating efforts. What could your home use today?

There’s a good chance that you’ll need to purchase some stove pipe for your new stove. Even side venting pellet stoves require exterior venting that needs good inserts! The best chart below will help you quickly compare and contrast the best options on the market that are available to you right now.

Why Are Good Chimney Pipe Liners So Important?

The exhaust from a fire, no matter what kind of fuel or type of wood you are burning, can be hazardous to your health. The most important reason why you’ll want the best chimney pipe inserts with your stove is so that these noxious fumes, smoke, and exhaust gases can leave your home in the safest manner possible. That means good stove piping should be able to cleanly seal on its own or be receptive to sealing tape.

The structure of the flue pipe is also important. As your chosen fuel burns, it creates fly ash that floats within the exhaust itself rather than settling to the bottom of your stove or fireplace insert. As the exhaust is sent to the outside, any bends or crevices in your chimney pipe will begin to collect this ash and soot, eventually accumulating enough to block the output of exhaust. The better the design of the pipe, the better your long-term performance will be.

The best stove pipe inserts should also be as easy to remove as they are to install. Unlike chimneys that can be easily swept, many homes require a routed pipe design that will need to be cleaned two or three times per year at minimum. Although up a straight chimney is easy enough to clean with specialized equipment, the interior bends are easier to clean if you can quickly access them by hand.

What Are the Advantages of a Good Chimney Liner?

The primary advantage of having good piping installed with your stove relates to your home’s energy efficiency. If the stove or fireplace insert that you are using to heat your home is the heart of the house, then the flue pipes are like the blood vessels. A solid, air-tight system will eventually transport heat and exhaust to where they need to go, giving you the money savings that you deserve from an off-the-grid heating system. If there are leaks in the system, then you won’t be heating your home as well.

A good flue pipe insert can actually increase the length of the burn that you receive within the firebox as well. If you have too much air flowing through your stove, then you’ll end up burning your fire too hot and will go through your fuel too quickly. On the other hand, a low airwash will cause a fire to burn too low and the home won’t get enough heat.

The best chimney inserts also are made with a double wall design. With an inner and an outer wall, there’s added space for additional insulation to be placed along the length of the chimney pipe and this will help to make your heating system more efficient. You’ll get an outer wall that is cool to the touch for the little fingers in your home without compromising the high temperatures that are needed for the best draft performance of your stove.

How Do You Find the Best Chimney Liner Kits?

The first part of the selection process here is to determine the right size of pipe for your stove and home’s structure. Sizes begin as small as 5 inches in diameter, but can be as wide as 24 inches. If your pipe is too large, you’ll impact performance just as negatively as a pipe that is too small. Whatever the requirements of your stove happen to be is generally the rule of thumb to use throughout your entire heating system.

The best stove pipe inserts will also be insulated in some way or at least allow you to insulate them to increase the efficiency of your heating system. This is particularly important in any joints you may need to install in your venting system. These joints are where you’ll typically need to access your pipe inserts for cleaning and maintenance, so the better they are insulated and receptive to your access, the easier it will be to maintain the system.

According to UL 103 testing guidelines, you’ll also need to have your piping be able to withstand temperatures of at least 1,400F for a minimum of one hour. Although many of today’s products do so, there are always a few rogue product listings that may not meet this requirement. Always double-check the answers portion of the Amazon listing to make sure your preferred pipe insert will be able to meet your home’s requirements.

What Are The Best Chimney Liner Prices?

There are two pricing considerations that you’ll need to consider when installing your chimney pipe. Not only will you need to install piping for your stove, but you’ll also need to make sure that your chimney has been properly insulated per local regulations. All total, the average price that most homeowners will pay for the average chimney upgrade is about $500 including flexible liners, insulation, and piping.

For pellet stoves where flexible piping is required, the average price for a long enough section of stove pipe is about $100. Small elbow joints and other specific sections you may need start around $25 on websites like Amazon and may be as high as $100 or more.

Reviews Of The Top 5 Chimney Liners

Fireside Chimney Supply FireFlex 316Ti Basic Flexible Chimney Liner Kit

Made with a stainless steel liner and coming with a rain cap and appliance connector, this chimney liner kit will give you everything you need to get the exhaust vented properly out of your home. The price is quite nice at just $310 + shipping and you get one excellent advantage: the chimney pipe insert is flexible. This allows you to route your flue pipe insert how you need it to go without having to force-fit joints and connectors as you would with other typical installations.

Click here to view prices on Amazon and get a great deal on this chimney liner kit.

Fireside Chimney Supply FireFlex 316Ti Stainless Steel Chimney Liner

If all you need for your chimney is to reline it, then this flexible option from Fireside is your cost-effective, all-in-one solution. Instead of having to attached seams and joints, you can purchase a customized size and length that can give you a one pipe solution for your venting needs. This improves your home’s heating efficiencies without compromising on the product itself. It’s made from stainless steel and is easy to sweep, making your maintenance chores a snap.

Click here to view prices on Amazon and get a great deal on this chimney liner kit.

ChimCap Single Ply Stainless Steel Chimney Liner Kit

If you’re looking for single-ply stainless steel in your new chimney liner kit, then this option from Chim Cap might be a better option for you. It also includes a rain cap and all of the extra supplies you’re going to need to successfully utilize your home’s existing structure. It will help you fix a draft in your current unit, improve ventilation, and ultimately give you a better output temperature that will give you a more consistent burn.

Click here to view prices on Amazon and get a great deal on this chimney liner kit.

Fireside Chimney Supply FireFlex 316Ti Stainless Steel Chimney Liner

If you don’t need the whole chimney kit to get your new stove up and running, but you don’t have a chimney that’s outfitted yet to meet your new fireplace insert’s needs, then this basic flexible kit may just be what you need. It has a 13×13” top plate with a rain cap to protect your system while the flexible stainless steel chimney liner will quickly connect for vertical connections. It’s easy to install, comes in variable lengths and diameters, all so you can quickly get your home’s structure upgraded.

Click here to view prices on Amazon and get a great deal on this chimney liner kit.

Fireside Chimney Supply FireFlex 316Ti Basic Flexible Chimney Liner Kit

If you need to connect Point A with your exterior Point B, nothing is easier than doing so with this chimney liner. You can use it in a brand new construction if you wish or use it to reline your existing chimney to make it work with a new off-the-grid heating system. It fits all standard connections at your preferred diameter and can be used for wood burning, pellet, and even coal heating systems. Using certified alloys and an interlocking system that prevents leaks, this is an investment that will pay off for you every year.

Click here to view prices on Amazon and get a great deal on this chimney liner kit.

With the best chimney inserts, you’ll be able to make the most of your new stove and existing structure to save on your heating bills. Combine these products with a modern, efficient stove to save the most money possible in the cold months of the year!

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