Review: Casa Vieja Habitat Brushed Steel Hugger Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan should provide you with options. It must do more than just provide a nice breeze when you’re warm. The Casa Vieja Habitat Brushed Steel Hugger Ceiling Fan goes out of its way to make sure it can do whatever it can to provide the perfect look for your home. It also makes sure you receive a consistent, durable user experience.

One of the easiest ways to change the look of a room with this fan is to switch the blades. They are reversible, with one side offering a steel finish and the other offering a white finish. This complements a brushed steel finish motor to offer a touch of the traditional, but a touch of the modern as well.

There are these additional features to look at with this ceiling fan by Casa Vieja as well.

  • It comes with a light kit that includes a frosted white glass bowl. Two 60w light bulbs are included in the box with the assumption that you’re installing the light kit.
  • The fan features a 44-inch blade span. Once installed, there are 6.5 inches from the ceiling to the blades. The light fixture extends downward from there, an extra 5 inches, but this design does help to support the installation of a ceiling fan on low ceilings.
  • It offers a 14-degree blade pitch for maximum air movement and works with a pull-chain operation.

There is an optional wall control that can be used with this fan, but that does require a third wire for the installation.

What to Expect with the Casa Vieja Habitat Ceiling Fan

If you have an 8-foot ceiling, this ceiling fan must be at the top of your list. The installation is straightforward and simple, making it easy to hang the fan. The pull chains come through the center cap, which is a little unusual, but also makes it fairly easy to access the toggle switch. You can shorten the pull chains if you wish since they do hang a little long.

The quality of the air movement is excellent. The amount of light that is distributed from this fan, however, could be a little too dark for some homeowners. Its design accommodates the standard socket, so minimum wattage issues can occur with this fan. Halogens work better than LEDs or CFLs.

Many ceiling fans benefit from a prior assembly. If you do so, make sure to have the mounting plate attached to the ceiling first. Skipping the first step in the instructions can be a time-consuming mistake. Take some time with the connectors on this fan as well. They can be a little finicky.

Once installed, the speed of the ceiling fan does cause the pull chains to sway just a bit. Given the right set of circumstances that could cause them to click into each other, making it sound like someone is typing in the room. A lower speed reduces this issue, but is a concern of note.

Overall, we found the Casa Vieja Habitat Brushed Steel Hugger Ceiling Fan to be a solid choice when looking for the best flush-mount ceiling fan. Work around the few concerns and we believe you’ll be pleased with the look and outcome of your investment.

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