Review: Emerson Indoor Ceiling Heat Fan

If you’ve turned your garage into a workspace, a recreational area, or a toy room for the kids, then you’re going to need a high-quality ceiling fan to regulate the air movement of that space. Garages are notorious for trapping heat near the ceiling since so many have a lack of attic insulation. The Emerson Indoor Ceiling Heat Fan is an excellent example of how form meets function within this category.

This ceiling fan comes with 3 different finishes: appliance white, brushed steel, and barbeque black. Our review involves the appliance white model.

Here are the key features of this Emerson ceiling fan.

  • It offers adaptability so it can be wired to a wall control. It uses a 120-volt connection, but is a single-speed fan. The motor on this fan does not provide a reversible function either.
  • Because of the design of this ceiling fan, it must be mounted so that the blades are at least 10 feet off the floor. A 6-inch down rod is included, but longer down rods are compatible with this model.
  • The blades are constructed from polypropylene, which reduces drag and maximizes the airflow that can be achieved with this ceiling fan.
  • This ceiling fan offers a chemical-resistant user experience with its manufacturing and design.

Observations of the Emerson Indoor Ceiling Fan

Although this is a single-speed ceiling fan, we compared how it would perform with some of the 84-inch ceiling fans that are in this category. The airflow that it can achieve is comparable. It really does produce a good breeze to the point that an installation above a workbench could be bothersome or move lightweight items in the bench area.

Depending on the length of the down rod that is being used with this Emerson ceiling fan, you may see varying levels of wobble. We didn’t see anything with a 6-inch down rod, but once we went beyond 24 inches, stabilization methods needed to be used. Counterweights really helped, but there may be some vibration that could be a deal-breaker for some homeowners. We’d recommend using this ceiling fan in garages with ceilings of 16 feet or lower.

Because of its design, there is a noticeable addition of blade wind that is experienced underneath the fan. That noise pollution may be disturbing in smaller garages or workshops that have this ceiling fan installed. It isn’t overly bothersome, especially after a couple of days with the fan, but could be bothersome to some owners.

We did notice that the motor on this ceiling fan does tend to build up some heat along the ceiling if it is left on for an extended period. Our recommendation would be to avoid having this fan left on overnight, especially if you are using the minimum 6-inch down rod on a 12-foot ceiling.

If you want a high-performance, but affordable, garage ceiling fan, then the 60-inch Emerson Indoor Ceiling Heat Fan will exceed your expectations. There are some challenges to meet, but it does an excellent job and has earned our recommendation.

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