Review: Ciata Lighting Industrial Ceiling Fan (2 Pack)

Chances are that you’ve become frustrated by the quality of the average ceiling fan for the garage. You can either find a fan that offers a tremendous airflow level or you can find a fan that is energy efficient. The Ciata Lighting Industrial Ceiling Fan, offered in a 2-pack, provides an affordable way to transform the environment of a garage up to 720 square feet in size.

That’s 360 square feet per fan, by the way.

Its 56-inch, 3-blade design is perfect for the garage. The blade pitch is flatter than most ceiling fans, which limits the amount of blade wind noise that is produced. Here are some of the other key features that come with this ceiling fan by Ciata Lighting.

  • It offers a CFM rating of 6254. When used without a light kit, the total energy usage is 60w per fan. That gives it an efficiency rating of 104, which is one of the best in this category.
  • The fan comes with a 78-inch lead wire, complemented by a 12-inch down rod that is 1/2-inch in diameter. This works with a ball hanger installation system that is very easy to use. It took us about 45 minutes to install the first fan and another 30 minutes to install the second one.
  • The fans in this 2-pack are backed by a 15-year motor warranty and a 2-year warranty on the other components, such as the blades.

Observations of the Ciata Lighting Garage Fan

This garage ceiling fan is manufactured by Westinghouse and is similar to their own collection of industrial ceiling fans. It offers a modern look that is perfect for commercial or industrial locations, but still provides a clean finish that is perfect for the garage as well.

Many ceiling fans like this one are required to be hung at 12 feet or even 15 feet to maximize the airflow benefits that can be achieved. This ceiling fan can be hung at just 10 feet. It is ETL-listed.

The weight of the ceiling fan was our primary concern. Many electrical boxes in the garage are rated to hold 30 pounds, which is suitable for many ceiling fans. This specific model weighs just over 30 pounds. Our scale registered it at 30 pounds, 4 ounces. That technically exceeds the specs of the electrical boxes that most homeowners already have. Don’t fudge on this and just install the fan anyway. It could be a coding violation.

You do get two fans with this 2-pack. You also receive two sets of mounting hardware. You do have the ability to control both fans with one wall control if the controller can handle the maximum load for both fans.

The Ciata Lighting Industrial Ceiling Fan may be intended for garages, but it works just as well for lofts, barns, and workshops. It is durable, powerful, and will work hard to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. Give this 2-pack a closer look and we think you’ll agree that this is a tremendous value opportunity.

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