Best 4 Person Hot Tub Reviews

When you own a hot tub, you own a personal spa that you can access at any time. It’s the perfect place for you and three other family members, friends, or loved ones to be able to relax. Muscle tension can go away. Chronic joint pain can even be eased. Choosing the right 4 person hot tub, however, is not always a simple choice. With so many great hot tubs available right now, and considering the fact that this isn’t your routine purchase, it is important to be able to make an informed decision.

This guide and the following reviews are designed to help you make a confident, no-pressure purchase that will make sure you feel satisfied every time you need a little hydrotherapy.

The Best Chart for 4 Person Hot Tubs

You’ve got design choices. You’ve got different jet configurations. You’ve got different quality standards. Every manufacturer says that their hot tub is the best. How do you choose? The chart below offers you the opportunity to look at today’s best options based on public reviews. Real customers who have already tried their hot tub and think it was a great purchase.

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What Features to Consider with a 4 Person Hot Tub

The first consideration in any hot tub purchase should be the seating that is available within the hot tub. Reclined seating in a hot tub provides the best hydrotherapy experience and is created by molded seats and backs that are built into the hot tub itself. Some models include a head rest or spa pillow that can be attached at the edge of the tub for added comfort. When looking at seating as an option, it is important to measure what the torso depth of the hot tub will be so that you and your guests can sit comfortably without water bubbling up to the chin.

If you need a compact 4 person hot tub, reclined seating won’t usually be an option because of the space it takes up. You may want to skip seating as a key feature altogether if space is your primary concern.

Hooking up the hot tub to an electrical circuit is another feature to think about. Some of the best 4 person hot tubs are also some of the best plug and play hot tubs that are on the market today. A few hot tub models in this category even work with convertible voltage, so you can connect it to a standard household outlet or a 240v outlet.

What Materials to Consider for a 4 Person Hot Tub

When shopping for the best 4 person hot tub, the materials used in the construction of the hot tub are important to consider as well. There are four primary materials that you’ll find are used for hot tubs in this category right now.

  • Acrylic. This is the most common hot tub shell material. It is sturdy, easy to clean, and comes in a variety of shapes and colors so that your basic needs can be easily met.
  • Roto-Cast Polymer. This is an upgrade from a basic acrylic hot tub. It offers the same design and maintenance flexibility, but with an extra level of sturdiness.
  • Vinyl. This is the material to consider if you’re looking for an all-weather hot tub. It has more temperature durability, making it a suitable choice if you’re placing it in a gazebo or pergola on your property.
  • Wood. Although a small niche of the 4 person hot tub industry, it’s still a useful material. They’re usually made of cedar or redwood for increased durability. A wood hot tub should never use glue or nails. 

There really is no right or wrong answer when it comes to the specific materials you choose for the shell and interior of your hot tub. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages to consider. Some are more affordable. Others are more durable. Some need a lot of maintenance and others need very little, but they all provide the hydrotherapy benefits you want or need. 

This is why the best 4 person hot tub reviews are such a critical component to a confident purchase. You’ll be able to clearly see all of the pros and cons for each make and model of hot tub in this category so they can be compared to the needs that you have. You make the perfect purchase the first time around. 

What Are the Prices of the Best 4 Person Hot Tubs?

The best 4 person hot tubs have a wide range of costs, often depending on the materials and features that are included with the unit. Wood hot tubs in this category tend to be the most affordable, with prices starting at just $1,800. Note that this price may not include the heating mechanism, especially for wood-fired designs.

Plug and play 4 person hot tubs are typically priced in the $2,500 range. These are the hot tubs that will only work on a standard outlet. You have fewer hydrotherapy options with this type of tub, but in return you will usually have more compact designs and shape options from which to choose.

Acrylic models that have convertible electrical use or are 240v hot tubs are priced in the $3,000 range. Having additional therapeutic jets or reclined seating may be available at a 20-30% price premium from the base price.

Polymer hot tubs in this category are priced based on the quality of the materials used. In general terms, the more expensive the hot tub, then the better quality it happens to be. To avoid making a mistake when purchasing one, go through the 4 person hot tub reviews to see if the actual quality of the polymer is noted.

What Do Our Reviews Have to Say?

Coleman Inflatable

This portable hot tub can be taken with you anywhere – even if you want time up at the cabin or at a camping site. As long as you have a flat surface, you have the chance to enjoy a warm, relaxing experience. You won’t receive the same hydrotherapy benefits as some other hot tubs in this category, but you also won’t be paying the same price either. If you’re looking for a solid value purchase in the hot tub market, this might just be the best one there is.

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Lifesmart Simplicity

This beautiful 4 person hot tub gives you plenty of elbow room so you won’t feel overly intimate – unless you want to feel that way, that is. The operation of the hot tub itself is nice and smooth. The jets are arranged in a standard configuration, producing what we would call a medium-high output for water movement. It feels nice on the body, but doesn’t make it feel like you’re going to get thrown across the hot tub if you fail to brace yourself from the force of the water movement. You can also control the air and water mix for precise comfort if you wish.

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Intex PureSpa

This is the type of hot tub you’ll enjoy if you like having some air mixed in with your water on a regular basis. The bubble massage design offers an experience that is similar to a warm, comforting hug. Of course this decreases the overall water temperature over time, but not that it is overly noticeable unless you like having an extremely hot temperature. As an added benefit, this hot tub is portable by design too, so you can quickly install it at your preferred location and easily get a season or two of benefits for a small price.

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Home and Garden

This round hot tub gives you a strong hydrotherapy experience all around. It comfortably seats four and you might be able to sit five depending on who you have visiting. The seating size is just right for most heights, though if you’re smaller in stature, you might experience a little splashing when the hot tub is running on full. You’ll need to either download a copy  of the manual or access it online if something comes up with the hot tub. The manual is also more about disclaimers than practical advice, so a phone call to customer service may be necessary if there is an issue.

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Coleman Lay-Z Hot Tub

If you want an easy way to enjoy a hot tub in the outdoors, then this inflatable pool-style hot tub might just be the right way to go. Unlike some other inflatable models, the outer walls of this hot tub are coated with a heat-resistant layer to maintain water temperature. The cover of the hot tub is aluminum coated for additional heat reflection. The floor is cushioned for added comfort, the water heats up rapidly, and the massage system gives you actual water movement – rare for the inflatable market. Bring three of your best friends and you’ll have a great time.

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The best 4 person hot tub reviews will help you find the right make and model to fit your wants and needs today. Whether you want something portable or permanent, you’ll find that the price is right in this category for an investment this year.

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