Best Firewood Racks

A good firewood rack will help keep your wood from prematurely decomposing. It will also encourage the seasoning process during the warmer months of the year. The best firewood racks will accomplish these tasks will giving your property a nice visual aesthetic.

Choosing the rack that is best for you depends on your home heating needs. If you have a cast iron stove which heats your own home, you’ll need a large and easily accessible firewood rack. If your need for firewood is only for a backyard fire pit, then a small, decorative firewood rack can serve your needs.

What to Look for in Large Firewood Racks

• There should be a cover or tarp that protects the top of your stack from ongoing moisture exposure so the seasoning process can be encouraged.
• It should be large enough to hold at least one full cord of firewood safely.
• The height of the firewood rack should come to about shoulder level at most. It is dangerous to remove firewood from a stack that is above head-high.
• It may be suitable for indoor use, but must be rated for outdoor use based on the climate conditions of your region.
• There should be some form of powder coating on steel racks, but if that coating gets scratched, it could corrode. Look for heavy-duty stainless steel racks with reinforced beams for the best results.
• It must be able to keep your firewood at least 12 inches off of the ground. Otherwise, insect and moisture damage may still occur.

What to Look for in Small Firewood Racks

• Decorative racks should still be functional. The firewood should be able to be stacked in a safe manner.
• It must still be rated for outdoor use, even if you intend to keep the firewood rack on an enclosed porch or inside a garage.
• Many small firewood racks will fold flat so that you can store them easily during the warmer months of the year when you may not want to have a fire.
• These firewood racks should be easy to move and lightweight in nature, but not too lightweight. The best firewood racks in this category tend to weigh between 15-20 pounds.
• It should offer some type of cover to protect your firewood if you plan to keep it outdoors. If kept indoors, it should be able to safely work with your floors without leaving scratches.
• It must be able to withstand the moisture that may still be in the firewood with a strong powder coating.

What Is the Best Firewood Rack for You?

Many homes that burn wood for heat will have a large and a small firewood rack to meet their needs. That way firewood can be stacked for the cast iron stove and the fireplace or fire pit at the same time.

Here are some of the best firewood racks that are available right now which meet all of the key points mentioned above very effectively.

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