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Once you’ve found the best hot tub to meet your needs, it’s time to find the right hot tub cover. Hot tubs require a certain balance and cleanliness in order to work properly. If left uncovered, especially in an outdoor environment, the exposure to organic contaminants is virtually constant. By covering the hot tub, you can preserve the quality and balance necessary for proper hydrotherapy while potentially minimizing your maintenance needs at the same time.

The Best Chart for Hot Tub Covers

Hot tub covers can come in a variety of different materials, sizes, and shapes. Your hot tub manufacturer offers you recommendations on sizing so you can receive the best possible results. Compare those recommendations to the best hot tub cover reviews to make sure you purchase the best possible product.

What Is a Hot Tub Cover and Why Do I Need One?

Hot tub covers wrap tightly around your hot tub, protecting the interior and the water in the unit from exterior contamination and damage. It can do this by tying directly to the tub, through the use of a foam cover that you manually lift on and off, or through automated covers that you lift up and down with mechanical controls.

If you choose a foam hot tub cover, then the durability of the foam must be part of the reviews for that product. The best foam covers today are composed of 100% closed-cell polystyrene. Watch out for budget-friendly foam cover options as these are typically made from recycled foam that tends to soak up moisture very rapidly. Recycled foam covers protect a hot tub from the sun, but not from rain or snow.

Foam core covers come in different densities and R-ratings. Colder climates need higher R-ratings and thicker foam densities.

Vinyl covers are another popular option that can also be highly affordable. Vinyl covers can withstand rain or snow, but can degrade quickly when exposed to consistent levels of sunlight. You can manage the degrading process with regular conditioning of the vinyl as part of your ongoing hot tub maintenance. You’ll want to remove a vinyl hot tub cover at least 1-2x per week to prevent organic growth from the condensation that occurs on the underside of the cover.

How to Find the Best Hot Tub Cover for Me

The best hot tub cover reviews can give you the information you need to make a confident decision, but it’s up to you to make sure you purchase the correct cover. This means the first thing you’ll need to do is measure the shell of your hot tub to get the correct size. Your owner’s manual may also have recommendations for cover sizes and types, which are a good idea to follow.

Then the climate where your hot tub is placed must be taken into consideration. This will allow you to choose the correct load rating for the cover. Here are some examples of load and insulation ratings that you’ll want to consider.

  • Indoor Hot Tubs with Heated Rooms. A hot tub cover with a fair load rating and a minimum R-12.5 is suitable for this environment.
  • Outdoor – Mild Climate: You’ll want to have a hot tub cover with a “good” load rating and a minimum R-14.
  • Outdoor – Cold Climate: You’ll need a minimum R-15.5 rating for your hot tub cover with a “very good” load rating.
  • Rainy Climate – Indoor or Outdoor: An R-15 rating is necessary for all hot tubs in high moisture environments. This helps to provide a barrier against the higher levels of organics that tend to be in the atmosphere.
  • Outdoor – Snowy Climate: You’ll need an R-20 hot tub cover and an excellent load rating to handle the weight of winter precipitation.
  • Outdoor – Heavy Snow Climate: An R-29 rating on the hot tub cover is necessary with a “maximum” load rating. This type of hot tub cover is typically needed for high elevation hot tub installations. 

As the density and thickness of the hot tub cover increases, so does its strength – and its weight. This means you’ll need to look at the weight tolerance levels for the cover that your specific hot tub is able to support. If you purchase a cover that is too heavy for your make and model, then the cover could potentially damage your hot tub. That type of damage is not generally covered by warranty. 

This type of hot tub cover should also have a 6mm transparent vapor barrier to help protect the cover and your water quality. Try to avoid black plastic vapor barriers if you can as they tend to break down quickly. 

What to Watch for with Vinyl Hot Tub Covers

If you choose a vinyl or polyester cover over a foam cover for your hot tub, then the quality of the vinyl is important to review. The best hot tub covers in this category are made from 32 ounce marine-grade vinyl or polyester. It’s the same type of material that is used for upholstery on boats. This grade of vinyl is specifically intended for outdoor use and can resist fading from sun exposure.

Cheaper vinyl grades are available for hot tub covers. They’ll still get the job done. They are just going to be more prone to fading than their heavier grade counterparts. 

Either way, the amount of maintenance that you give the hot tub cover will be a direct contribution to the lifespan that you’ll receive for your investment. 

What Are the Prices of the Best Hot Tub Covers?

Hot tub covers typically start around $40 for low grade vinyl covers. If you’re looking for marine grade vinyl, expect to pay at least $100. The size of your hot tub will also be a direct reflection on the actual cost of your cover – bigger hot tubs need bigger covers which cost more.

Foam covers tend to start at $100 and go up from there. Manual lift covers are cheaper than automatic lift covers. Higher R-ratings and load ratings bring higher prices. It is not unusual for these hot tub covers to exceed $400.

What Do Our Reviews Have to Say?

Classic Accessories

This is an affordable hot tub cover in a veranda color that works well for virtually any square hot tub. It’s a weather cover, so it is designed more for outdoor hot tubs and it gets the job done. The elastic hem cord comes with a toggle so that you can shape the cover to match the size of your hot tub. Choose from medium or large based on your needs and enjoy the security of the 3 year warranty that comes standard with this product. It’s a small investment that will give you many ongoing rewards.

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The Cover Guy

Many hot tubs come with a standard cover with purchase. What happens if that cover breaks? Or what if the cover isn’t strong enough to protect your hot tub through a harsh winter? This manufacturer of custom hot tub covers will give you a 7 year warranty and a product that is strong enough to handle heavy loads and harsh winters. Each product is custom made to fit your hot tub like a glove and the results are outstanding. Just put in the dimensions you need for your cover and wait for the results. You’ll be impressed.

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This is your classic hot tub cover. It provides you with the traditional protection experience. Available only for square hot tubs, choose from the 84×84 or the 92×92 size for best results. It’s made from commercial-grade vinyl, so it will withstand all-year wear and tear, while the elastic hem makes sure you have a secure fit. This is the type of cover you’ll need to dry out every so often to prevent organic buildup on the underside, but that’s really the only maintenance that this hot tub cover requires.

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Empire Patio

This 100% water resistant hot tub cover has been specially vented to prevent mold and mildew growth. It’s also been created from a three-layer material of high tech spun-bound and given a UV compound for extra protection. For this price, it is remarkably durable for its lightweight nature. It’ll get you through at least a season or two at minimum or act as a cover for your existing foam cover for an added layer of protection.

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The best hot tub cover reviews will help you find the right solution to protect your investment and water quality without breaking your budget. Grab yours today before the unexpected happens to your hot tub.

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