Delta Faucet Brand Review

One of the most popular brands of kitchen faucets available today is Delta. This manufacturer offers a wide range of styles, types, and price points that make it easy for almost everyone to afford an upgraded look for their kitchen. Delta has one of the largest collections of kitchen faucet possibilities on the market today.

Delta creates each design with one mission in mind: to transform the way a kitchen faucet makes you feel. Their faucets feature a beautiful design that is complemented by new technology innovations which makes every chore in the kitchen a little easier to complete.

If you’re looking for an easy, but still wonderful, way to add more aesthetic value to your kitchen, then choose Delta today. It will be an investment that the whole family will enjoy every day.

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About Delta as a Brand

According to the Delta Faucet Company’s website, there are three tenets which drive this company forward.

  1. Water has the power to transform how a person feels every day.
  2. Magic can be found within a simple solution.
  3. Innovation is a power which flows from human insight.

It is because of these three tenets that some amazing technologies and features have been incorporated into the modern Delta kitchen faucet. From Touch2O® to H2Okinetic®, each included feature is given plenty of thought before it is included on a specific faucet or collection.

That makes each faucet become a part of each household’s daily routine with greater ease. With a Delta kitchen faucet, you can turn some models on by tapping them with an elbow, wrist, or forearm.

Another key feature comes from the manufacturer’s SpotShield® technology. It reduces the amount of time that must be spent cleaning the faucet because it resists water spots, fingerprints, and other common kitchen stains.

There are even technologies available to help kitchen chores, like washing dishes, become simpler and easier. Certain faucets are equipped with a technology that provides a concentrated stream of water to dislodge difficult food particles from dishes, but without splattering the water or food residue all over the countertop.

Delta believes that every kitchen offers an opportunity to experience water in a better way. That is the difference that they promote with all their products, from the kitchen to the bathroom.

It is also why there is a good chance that a beautifully designed Delta kitchen faucet would make an excellent addition to your home today.

How Good Are Delta Kitchen Faucets?

Delta manufacturers a wide range of kitchen faucet designs, with a variety of features, and that makes it possible for every home or business to find something that meets their exact needs.

Because of Delta’s market share in this category, most retailers and e-commerce platforms that sell kitchen faucets offer models from this brand. That makes it easier to find replacement parts, compare pricing, or take advantage of special deals that might be available.

When reviewing all the public ratings for Delta kitchen faucets available for inspection through online retail outlets, it receives an average score of 4.1 out of 5. With higher pricing comes better rankings within this brand as well.

For Delta kitchen faucets priced above $200, the average score rose to 4.5 out of 5. If only entry-level kitchen faucets, priced at $125 or less, were reviewed, then the average score fell slightly to 3.8 out of 5.

We also took into account websites that solicit brand complaints and negative reviews. On these sites, Delta still scored reasonably well, earning a score of 2.7 out of 5. The most common complaint offered for the kitchen faucets from this brand is leaking, followed by an overall lack of durability.

Not every negative review, however, focused on the performance of the product. We found a 1.4 out of 5 review that discussed the individual’s dissatisfaction with the music heard in a Delta television commercial.

For most households, a Delta faucet will perform well, meet expectations, and provide an upgraded look without busting the budget. 

4 FAQ About Delta Kitchen Faucets

#1. Is it possible to connect a water filter or a dishwasher to a Delta kitchen faucet? Delta faucets are compatible with portable dishwashers or water filters as long as they are not a pull-down or pull-out model. The pressure fluctuations that a dishwasher or filter may cause can be enough to make the hose on those faucets to rupture.

#2. My Delta kitchen faucet never seems to be tight. Why is that? Delta faucets may experience a loosening of their mounting bracket over time when there is a smooth underside at the installation point. The easiest way to counter this issue is to place emery cloth between the sink and bracket so that the additional traction will keep it tight.

#3. Why is my faucet always leaking at the fitting? The most common reason for the Quick Connect technology to leak with a new Delta faucet is that it hasn’t been fully connected. Push the fitting over the nipple until you hear a distinct click, snap, or similar sound. It may take some force. If you hear a light click or snap instead of a loud one, it is an indication that a partial connection has been achieved. Leaving the partial connection in place will create a leak.

#4. What if I want to customize the look of my kitchen faucet? One of the best reasons to choose Delta for an upgraded look in the kitchen is that customization is very easy. Almost all handle styles from this manufacturer are designed to work with their kitchen faucets. Many handles are even available in a variety of sizes, depending upon how the faucet is installed in the kitchen.

What Is the Warranty on a Delta Kitchen Faucet?

Delta guarantees that the parts and finishes of a Delta kitchen faucet, excluding batteries or electronic components, will be “free from defects in material or workmanship” for as long as the original purchaser owns the home where it has been installed.

Commercial installations have the same guarantee, but it is limited to 5 years instead of being a potential lifetime warranty.

Delta faucets with electronic parts are guaranteed for 5 years on a residential installation or 12 months for a commercial installation. Batteries are not covered by the warranty at all.

If there is a problem with the faucet that qualifies under the warranty protection, Delta will either replace or repair the product free of charge. This includes any finish or component that has proven to be defective under normal installation, usage, and service conditions.

In an instance where a repair or replacement is “not practical,” then Delta may elect to refund the purchase price of the faucet once it has been returned to them.

Labor charges to repair, replace, remove, or install the kitchen faucet are not covered by the warranty. Because Delta recommends a professional plumber install their faucets, a DIY or self-installation may void the warranty for some households.

To make a warranty claim, you can call 1 (800) 345-3358. Written claims from the US or Mexico may also be sent to the following address.

Delta Faucet Co.
Attn: Product Service
55 East 111th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46280

Submitting an email warranty claim is also possible by writing to [email protected].

In Canada, Delta kitchen faucet owners must use this address to make a written claim.

Masco Canada Ltd. Plumbing Group
Attn: Technical Service Centre
350 S. Edgeware Rd.
St. Thomas, ON N5P 4L1

Submitting an email warranty claim in Canada is also possible by writing to [email protected].

Please note: Canadian customers may have multiple faucet brands with a warranty claim that must all be submitted to this address. These claims must be made separately. 

Proof of purchase is required for the warranty claim to proceed. This warranty only applies to faucets that are installed in North America.

What Is the Price of a Delta Kitchen Faucet?

Delta kitchen faucets can be less than $75 or they can be more than $750. It all depends on the style, type, and features that are available on the faucet.
The Touch2O faucets by Delta tend to be priced at the upper end of the spectrum. The 9659T-DST Trinsic Pro model, for example, currently retails for more than $500.

On the other hand, the Delta Foundations two-handle kitchen faucet with a stainless-steel finish and a side spray retails for around $85. Although this model is light on features, it still offers the consistent performance that Delta kitchen faucets are known to provide.

Most homeowners will be able to find several design options for an excellent kitchen faucet upgrade priced between $100-$200 with basic features and user elements. Pull-down and pull-out faucets are included in that price range.

If you’re looking for a kitchen faucet that comes from a proven brand with a history of innovation, then take a closer look at what Delta currently offers. You’ll find several collections with a variety of price points, looks, and features that make shopping for your new faucet a painless procedure.

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