How to Find the Best Fire Pit

backyard fire pit for heating and cookingThere’s something about a crackling fire on a cool evening that brings people together. There might even be an urge to sing songs. Maybe roast some marshmallows. Or perhaps there is the desire to enjoy a clear, starlit sky that twinkles down upon you. Thanks to the best fire pits that are available today, every backyard has the potential of experiencing these moments of joy without much of an investment.

The Best Chart for Fire Pits

There are several different styles and designs that are available with the modern fire pit. Some require a concrete patio or porch to safely operate. Others might need a sand or stone installation. The chart below will help you quickly compare models and features so you can find the best fire pit for your yard.

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What are the Features of the Best Fire Pits?

Because fire pits come in many different shapes and sizes, you’ll want to think about the dimensions of your backyard or patio first. Most fire pits are 45 inches in diameter or less. The smallest fire pits may only be 20 inches in diameter. Smaller models tend to be fire bowls, while larger models may provide an actual pit.

Then you’ll want to consider these additional features when browsing through the best fire pit reviews.

  • What materials are being used to make the fire pit? Most fire pits are made from steel. Sometimes stone or tile may be used. If you’re willing to make an investment, there are copper fire pits available as well.
  • What accessories are available? Some fire pits come with grills that allow you to cook on the fire pit. Screens will help to prevent ember exposure. Vinyl covers might also be available to prevent moisture damage.
  • What is the actual style of the fire pit? Most of the popular fire pits today are of a bowl design. Larger fire pits tend to be more of a square, stationary pit. Multiple shapes are available besides circles, squares, or rectangles as well. Some fire pits are even designed to double as an outdoor table.

By considering the basic features of your preferred fire pit, you’ll be able to find one that works with your current space. Compact patios and porches benefit from fire bowls. Large backyards may benefit from a permanent model. That’s the start of finding the best fire pit for your needs.

Which Type of Fire Pit is Right for Me?

There are two general types of fire pits that are available today: wood fire pits and propane fire pits. Each has certain advantages that make it a worthwhile investment.

Wood fire pits offer the warmth and crackle of a natural fire. Most wood fire pits offer a lid to prevent sparks from escaping the fire. Decorative designs can be used to match up your fire pit to the style of your home. You will find fire rings and fire bowls are also available as sub-categories if you’re looking for something a little more permanent.

Wood fire pits are often made of steel. Many are plated with a specific finish, such as antique bronze, and have a very open design so that you can see the fire.

Propane fire pits give you the convenience of portability. They are often offered in a cabinet-style design. An access door allows you to replace the tank when necessary, with most propane fire pits offering off of a standard tank that is rented at most retail locations. You can place this fire pit virtually anywhere because it stays cool to the touch. The heat dispersal, however, can sometimes be limited.

Gas fire pits may also be offered in a faux finish, such as a stone ring, a slate table, or even a replicated tree trunk.

Common Precautions to Take with a Fire Pit

You will not want to place a fire pit too close to your home or a wall. The heat from a fire can be quite intense and may cause damage to the structures that are close to it.

Fire pits should never be used on a wooden deck. If there is no other place to use it than a deck, then consider placing it on top of concrete pavers [not plastic pavers] to reduce the risks of wood damage. You’ll also want to have a fire pit with full screens and a lid to prevent embers from escaping the product.

Fireproof mats are also a possibility in tight placement situations. We recommend this 36″x36″ fire pit pad combination for best results.

Then the same precautions you would take around a campfire apply to the best fire pits that are used in your backyard.

  • Stay back enough so that the heat does not become overwhelming.
  • Avoid breathing in the smoke from the fire.
  • Use tools to adjust the hot logs within the fire.
  • If you smell gas when using a gas fire pit, take caution when lighting the unit to avoid an accidental injury.

What Are the Prices of the Best Fire Pits?

Fire pits tend to be priced based on the fuel that is required, the size of the pit itself, and the portability of its design. Basic steel fire pits that are small and highly portable begin at the $40 price range. Many models are between $50-$125. If you wish to have decorative designs stamped into the metal sides of the fire pit, this will usually push up the final product cost by about 20%.

Gas fire pits are difficult to find under $100. Anything priced below $100 in this category tends to be a tabletop fire pit that offers limited heat. If you are looking for a fire pit table or a faux design, then expect to pay at least $200 for your preferred model. Large fire pits that incorporate slate or marble may be priced as high as $750.

Read Our Reviews

Landmann Savannah

This fire pit gets all of the basics right. Made of solid steel, you’ll receive a spark screen and a poker to help you maintain full control of the fire. The design also allows total fire viewing from any angle, which is nice for a group get-together. It’s a smaller fire pit at just 23.5″ in diameter, but that also makes it useful for smaller backyards. You get ambiance and warmth whenever you light a fire. There is some assembly required, so give yourself 10-20 minutes to get the fire pit ready when you receive it.

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Best Choice Products

This fire pit is perfect for those who want a more formal presence in their backyard. It’s a lightweight design, coming in at just 16 pounds, so you can move it to wherever you need some extra warmth. The bronze finish is strong, with the lattice design along the sides giving you a traditional visual aesthetic. Full screening traps sparks and embers from escaping. The lid has also been treated with a flame retardant to limit ash issues. If you’ve been looking for an affordable, but still reliable fire pit, then give this model a try.

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We loved this fire pit because it offers you the look of a gas-powered unit, but the convenience of a wood fire pit. The interior grill works well with charcoal, so you can even cook on it if you really want. A safety mesh covers helps to keep everyone safe, while the cool-touch table surface makes this fire pit useful in a wide variety of situations. It’s great for any outdoor gathering on a cool night when you want to relax with friends or family. You’ll need to assemble and install this unit on your own, however, so plan on 20-35 minutes of assembly before using it.

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Fire Sense

This Romanesque-inspired fire pit makes it possible for almost every household to enjoy the benefits of an evening fire. Standing a total of 35 inches high, the steel fire bowl features a hammered lip to give it the traditional look. The brushed painted steel legs aren’t as heat-resistant as other models and the lid can sometimes move on you if there’s a good snap to your wood, but those are the only issues of note. Considering the price of this beautiful unit, you can’t go wrong with this investment.

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Deck Mate

This fire pit allows you to burn real logs or artificial ones – the choice is yours. The antique copper-colored bowl is 29 inches in diameter, so it can hold a good amount of wood. As for the lid, it does keep sparks down pretty well. You’ve just got to be careful not to overfill the bowl. A tall fire will escape the lid and shed sparks out anyway. There is good air flow and circulation, so when combined with the traditional look, inspires an evening of fire fun in the backyard.

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The best fire pits will help you enjoy the outdoors a whole lot more. Invite over your friends, gather with your family and select your preferred model today to start making the good life become even better.

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