How to Find the Best Fireplace Tongs

Every so often, you need to work on a fire in your fireplace. Maybe one of the logs has fallen out of position or you need to stir up some of the coals. The best fireplace tongs are one of the tools you can use to make sure your fire is always burning in the way that you want.

Knowing how to find the best fireplace tongs means combining features, price, and a comparison of manufacturing processes. You may also wish to purchase your tongs in a set of fireplace tools to complement your hearth.

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Here’s what you need to know.

#1. Fireplace tongs are meant to handle hot materials. The tongs allow you to reach into a fireplace without hurting yourself from the heat of the fire. Because of this, you’ll want to own tongs that have a high heat rating. This will allow you to work with any fire, indoors or outside, whenever the need arises.

#2. The best fireplace tongs will fit your hand. Some tongs are designed with a one-size-fits-all perspective. The goal is to be as useful as possible to the greatest number of people. If your hands are larger or smaller than average, the generic tongs aren’t going to be good enough. Find a set that will fit your hand properly so that you can handle the hot materials of a fire effectively.

#3. Length is another important consideration. You’ll find that many fireplace tongs are about 30 inches in length. Although this works for general needs, you may find that a longer set of tongs (at least 45 inches in length) makes the work of building a fire become a lot easier. Longer fireplace tongs make it easier to handle heavier logs, assuming that they are made with the right materials.

#4. Brass fireplace tongs aren’t always the best solution. The best fireplace tongs are easy to handle in virtually any situation. The cheaper, older brass fireplace tongs don’t generally fit that description. Not only are those cheap tongs heavy, but they aren’t balanced very well. That means it could be potentially dangerous to move hot items around. Look instead for fireplace tongs that are made with lightweight stainless steel with counterweights so you can always be in full control.

#5. Expect to pay at least $50 for a good set of fireplace tongs. The best fireplace tongs are going to set you back at least $50-$60. Tongs which have a heat shield or a powered handle may cost even more.

#6. Multi-tools are not always the best option. You will often find tongs that are promoted as being pokers or have other fireplace tools built into them. Although this is a way to save money if you’re trying to purchase a full set of tools, it does make the actual tongs more difficult to use in most circumstances.

#7. Remember to check the weight rating of the tongs. You will want to have a set of fireplace tongs that can lift logs which weigh upwards of 15 pounds. Look for a manufacturer’s rating to determine the weight tolerance. If there isn’t a weight rating, then assume it can only handle up to 5 pounds.

The best fireplace tongs are easy to find thanks to shops like Amazon where you can find a high-quality product that can be shipped right to your front door. Don’t settle for an inferior set of tongs. Find the best product at a great price today, get it ordered, and you’ll be in better control of your fire.

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