How To Find the Best Wood Pellets

If you have a furnace that operates on wood pellets, then it can be somewhat difficult to find the high quality pellets you need to stay warm at times. Wood pellets require a certain level of denseness in order to be an effective heat source and unfortunately you aren’t always able to find reliable pellets available for sale online. This means you’ll need to know how to find the best wood pellets that can be found in your area.

Here are the steps that you’ll want to take to make sure you’re getting the best product at the best price locally.

1. Stop by your local farm supply store first. The best wood pellets tend to come from local suppliers. This is because the pellet itself can be damaged during the shipping process. Local products tend to be in greater demand through your local farm supply store, so make this the first stop you make. The pricing might be a little higher than you anticipate, even if you’re purchasing your pellets in bulk, but the quality will help you make back that extra expense over the course of a year because your burn will be more consistent.

2. Calculate the per-pound rates from national chain stores. You typically won’t find bulk wood pellets available at your local hardware chain store or home improvement center. You will find single bags of pellets that weigh between 20-60 pounds in most circumstances. You must be careful when shopping at these stores for two reasons: the pellets can be very expensive per-pound and the pellets might be designed for grilling instead of heating. Always ask for the “best fuel pellets” to avoid this issue.

3. Know your wood. Certain types of pellets just burn better than others. Many pellets are made from a compression process which may utilize several different types of wood. Some are made from a single type of wood. Check for public reviews on the brand of pellets you prefer for real customer experiences to get a glimpse of what kind of burn you could expect from each type of pellet offered.

4. Check the manufacturer’s ratings on your furnace. Some wood pellet stoves or furnaces require a specific type of pellet in order to operate efficiently. If you use the wrong type of pellet, then you may have increased soot levels, shorter burn times, inconsistent temperatures, or all of the above. If you’re not sure what pellets to purchase, then check the owner’s manual for a specific recommendation or contact the customer service department of the stove/furnace maker.

5. Understand the shipping process. If you’re purchasing wood pellets online, then the weight of your product becomes an important consideration. Heavier weights always cost more to ship, especially over longer distances. If your product is coming from the other side of your country, you might find yourself paying more in shipping charges than the actual product price. Look for options through Amazon Prime or other providers where free shipping may be available.

Knowing how to find the best wood pellets will help you be able to stay warm and comfortable no matter how cold it happens to be outside. The next time you need to restock on pellets, consider this guide to make sure you get the best pellets at the best price.

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