Grohe Faucet Brand Review

Grohe kitchen faucets come in a wide variety of styles. They offer one of the best selections of total features in the industry. Every faucet is designed with the goal of meeting personal needs, which means only the best materials are used during the manufacturing process.

Add in the latest technologies in this industry and many homeowners find that a Grohe faucet does an excellent job of standing up to the demands of a modern kitchen while still providing a beautiful look that everyone loves.

Numerous collections can be represented with this brand. From their Premium Lifestyle Collections that feature modern designs and improved sink access to their Performance Collections which offer traditional functionality and style, Grohe really does have something that can appeal to everyone.

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About Grohe as a Brand

Grohe describes themselves as the “world’s leading provider of sanitary fittings.” They are a global brand, focused on providing water products, and have several decades of experience in the industry. Based in Germany, there are specific standards that must be met for the faucets to be stamped with the “Made in Germany” imprint of quality.

The brand’s compliance with these expectations has helped it to become one of the best in terms of functionality, craftsmanship, and aesthetics.

Since 2010, Grohe has received over 240 different awards for their innovation and design. In 2015, the brand was listed as one of the most sustainable major companies in Germany.

Although it operates as an independent company, Grohe is actually owned by the LIXIL Group Corporation. This organization owns several brands within this market space and is thought to be one of Japan’s top providers of building, housing, and sanitary materials.

You will find Grohe, along with the LIXIL Group Corporation, in more than 130 countries today and they are continuing to grow. Three production plants are currently in operation for this brand in Germany, with manufacturing expansions occurring in Thailand, Portugal, and South Africa in the near future.

How Good Are Grohe Kitchen Faucets?

Although there is a strong emphasis on quality within the Grohe brand, the public reviews of their kitchen faucets demonstrate a love/hate relationship with consumers. Some models have top ratings while others are some of the lowest-rated kitchen faucets in this category.

When taking a look at the brand as a whole and incorporating data from major online retailers that are authorized sellers of Grohe faucets, we found that the overall rating was still quite high. It averages a 4.2 out of 5.

There is a definite difference between the entry-level models with this brand and the premium models. The faucets which are priced under $300 tend to perform the best for the brand, providing an average rating of 4.6 out of 5.

For faucets priced above $450, the average rating drops to 3.7 out of 5.

We did not find any ratings or reviews for Grohe kitchen faucets on common websites that collect negative reviews and data for products and brands.

What you will find, however, is a lot of false information about the kitchen faucets being offered. Several review websites are dedicated to promoting Grohe products and the review information provided is somewhat questionable. In comparing the sites, many seem to use the same “review template” to provide “information” to consumers.

The bottom line is this: either find a real trial report and compare it to data given on public reviews to get a good picture of what these faucets can provide or find a local retailer that offers display models of your preferred kitchen faucet.

In our opinion only, many of the negative reviews, especially from the high-cost models, seem to be originating from false expectations that consumers have based on inaccurate, incomplete, or misleading content.

What Faucet Types Are Available from Grohe?

Grohe may offer several different kitchen faucet collections from which to choose, but their faucet types can be generally categorized into three basic categories.

  • One Handle Gooseneck Kitchen Faucets
  • One Handle Traditional Kitchen Faucets
  • Commercial Kitchen Faucets

There is the occasional exception to the rule. Grohe does offer two wall-mount kitchen faucets within their various collections that are designed to be pot fillers. Their professional kitchen faucet designs offer flexible hosing, high arcs, and better overall temperature control.

With their traditional kitchen faucets, you’ll find pull-out features are routinely available within this brand.

If you’re looking for a two-handle kitchen faucet, however, Grohe does not generally work with that type of design. You would want to look at Delta kitchen faucets to have a similar experience in quality, craftsmanship, and aesthetics.

One of the best examples of what Grohe provides in the world of kitchen faucets is the Essence single-handle design. This modern faucet comes in a minimized L-shape, with a single control handle on the side of the unit. It features the StarLight finish from Grohe, a pull-out dual spray control, and an automatic return.

This faucet will also swivel 360 degrees, protect against backflow, and is supported by stainless-steel flex lines. It has a quick installation system that helps consumers save on installation costs and works with plumbing systems that have a pressure as low as 15 PSI. 

What Is the Warranty for a Grohe Kitchen Faucet?

Grohe kitchen faucets are backed by a limited lifetime warranty for the original purchaser, but the faucet must have been manufactured in 1997 or later. The guarantee is that all mechanical parts within the faucet and the finish will be free from defects under normal use for as long as a home is owned.

The warranty does not transfer to a new owner and it does not cover normal wear and tear.

The electronic components that are found in certain Grohe kitchen faucets are guaranteed to be free from defects for up to 5 years of regular residential use.

It is important for all consumers, either residential or professional, to purchase their Grohe faucets from authorized sellers. The brand has this to say about making a purchase from a non-authorized seller.

“Grohe cannot stand behind the quality of products sold by non-authorized sellers. The Grohe limited lifetime product warranty may not be honored for products sold by non-authorized sellers.” 

Grohe is one of the few kitchen faucet manufacturers which allow consumers to submit an expedited warranty claim from their website. You will need the following items available if you need to submit a warranty claim on your new Grohe kitchen faucet for some reason.

  • Your contact information.
  • The product or model number of your faucet.
  • Proof of purchase, which may include a receipt, a purchase order, or an invoice.
  • Date of purchase and the installation date.
  • A complete description of the problem with supporting documentation.

It can take up to 14 business days for a warranty claim to be processed. For additional information about Grohe warranties, you can contact customer service at 1 (800) 444-7643. You may also write their customer service department at [email protected] if you live in the United States. 

Why Should Professionals Choose Grohe Kitchen Faucets?

Grohe is one of the few kitchen faucet manufacturers which offers professionals access to numerous resources. To access these resources, it is necessary to register with the professional Grohe website to set up an account.

Once completed, you can then download the Grohe Pro App to take those resources with you to every job site.

Multiple services are available to professionals, including exclusive access to a wholesaler catalog. You have ideas for project recommendations, help with planning your next project, and access to BIM and CAD data.

Installers have access to several brochures and other items of information that can be handed to their clients to improve their experience with the Grohe brand as well. Among these items is documentation that shows how to properly care for Grohe faucets and fittings to help prevent the potential nullification of a future warranty claim.

You can also subscribe to several different Grohe newsletters which are designed to help your business grow. There are 7 different newsletters that are currently distributed via email on a regular basis, from architects and designers to showroom professionals and installers.

What Are the Prices of Grohe Kitchen Faucets?

Grohe kitchen faucets will generally fit into the average price of $100-$300 that homeowners like to spend on a remodeling upgrade. There are several models in the $300-$500 price range that are perfect for new construction as well.

Because there is better access to the wholesale market with this brand, professionals of any size, in any area, can begin to work on improving their revenues.

There is also good retail access to this brand on several different e-commerce platforms with approved sellers. That makes it possible for virtually everyone who wants to have a better kitchen faucet to see what Grohe is able to provide.

Although there are a few exceptions to the rule, Grohe has created several collections of well-loved and very affordable kitchen faucets that are quite easy to install. If you’re thinking about representing a faucet brand with your business, there are a lot of positives to be found when partnering with Grohe.

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