Hansgrohe Faucet Brand Review

Although sometimes confused with Grohe kitchen faucets, especially since both brands are manufactured in Germany, there are some key differences between the two brands. Both have been operated by the Hans Grohe family over the years, but are now owned by two separate groups.

Hansgrohe is currently owned by the Masco Group, which works with several other brands. Delta kitchen faucets and Brizo kitchen faucets are both within this group.

At Hansgrohe, you’ll find the slogan “Das Original” said often. They consider themselves the original “Grohe” brand, having been founded 10 years before. What you will find within the Hansgrohe collections are kitchen faucets that are modern, high class, and ready to face almost any challenge they may face in the kitchen.

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About Hansgrohe as a Brand

Hansgrohe was founded in 1901 by fixture pioneer Hans Grohe – hence the name of the brand. This company was the first to produce a hand shower that the general public could afford in 1928. They also brought the first wallbar to the market in 1953. Their Raindance shower in 2003 was a game-changer.

Because Mr. Grohe was a pioneer in bathroom fixtures, that has been the primary focus of this now-global brand for more than a century. Their expansion into kitchen faucets has maintained the same quality guarantees that have always been present with this manufacturer.

There are four divisions of quality that Hansgrohe promotes for every faucet they produce.

  • Product Quality. Hansgrohe kitchen faucets must be sustainable, sturdy, and reliable. They should be easy to use, yet have functions that are clever. The installation should be as simple as possible. There should be an all-around feeling of real value when a consumer uses their new faucet for the first time.
  • Design Quality. Although Hansgrohe isn’t as fashion-forward as some other faucet manufacturers, they still strive to produce faucets that will look just as good 10 years from now as they do today. The quality of a design should go beyond appearances and include the components, features, and parts that the faucet features.
  • Manufacturing Quality. Only the best materials are used to create Hansgrohe kitchen faucets. “Best” is defined as a product that uses resources efficiently, protects the environment, and provides safe working conditions.
  • Service Quality. The experience a consumer has with their faucet doesn’t end with a sale or a professional installation. It is a continuing relationship that Hansgrohe is proactive in maintaining.

One of the most attractive reasons to choose Hansgrohe is the level of information-availability that is provided to the consumer. All branded products can be found in brochures and catalogs that are available directly on their website. You can also access apps that relate to the brand and discover your own product range.

Hansgrohe has also produced a series of videos that take a deeper look into the benefits that the brand offers, design concepts that are used, and technical content that provides information about how to correctly care, maintain, or repair an installed faucet. Videos are available for specific collections as well.

Hansgrohe provides consumers with access to a personal notepad, downloads, and product comparisons that are saved on the site so you can create a unique catalog for the items you’re most interested in exploring. Go to the My Project page, save faucets to the project, choose the order, and then generate your PDF.
From there, you can take that catalog of faucets and explore the best kitchen faucet reviews, shop online at other sites, or go to your local store to see if your preferred faucet is available right now.

For more about Hansgrohe and their commitment to quality, be sure to visit their page dedicated to describing their high standards.

How Good Are Hansgrohe Kitchen Faucets?

Hansgrohe kitchen faucets have one of the highest average ratings in the marketplace today, according to our research. We reviewed public reviews and ratings across a variety of retailers and e-commerce platforms that sell Hansgrohe faucets and collect public feedback. We found that the brand average is 4.5 out of 5.

Now that’s not to say that every kitchen faucet produced by the brand will have a ranking that high. Some specific models are ranked in the low 3’s by comparison. Overall, however, Hansgrohe is one of the few brands that see consistently good ratings across every collection and style of kitchen faucet.

What makes Hansgrohe such a highly rated kitchen faucet option is its emphasis on durability. The brand recognizes that the kitchen faucet is one of the most used items that are in the average home. If you don’t focus on providing a first-class product, then there is no way to provide a consumer or a professional with first-class results.

You receive the “technical highlights” that are required for an excellent experience. Consumers receive a quality product that provides “sustained enjoyment.” Professionals receive a kitchen faucet that is straight-forward to install to provide the foundation of a solid reputation.

What Types of Kitchen Faucets Are Available Through Hansgrohe?

Hansgrohe provides several kitchen faucet types that are available through their branding and through the Axor brand. Each Hansgrohe faucet is designed to provide intelligent functions, ergonomic comfort, and a design that is aesthetically pleasing.

They are designed to be used by every family member as each faucet is suitable for every age group.

You’ll find the following faucet types available.

  • Single Handle Pull Down Kitchen Faucets
  • One Handle Pull Out Kitchen Faucets
  • Traditional 2-Spray Kitchen Faucets
  • Commercial-Style Kitchen Faucets
  • Modern High Arc Kitchen Faucets
  • Pot Filler Kitchen Faucets
  • Wall-Mounted Kitchen Faucets

Many of the kitchen faucets that are sold by Hansgrohe exceed the low-flow regulations that currently exist in the United States. Faucets in the Focus, Talis, and Allegro collections are often rated at 1.75 GPM.

The Talls S Universal beverage faucet is rated at 1.5 GPM.

Most of the kitchen faucets that are available through Hansgrohe will come with a chrome finish. Some models can have an alternative finish provided upon request. The two most requested finishes for the brand are oil-rubbed bronze and stainless steel so the best possible customized look can be created.

What Is the Warranty on a Hansgrohe Faucet?

Hansgrohe assumes the manufacturer’s guarantee for consumers regarding their products. This is in addition to any legal guarantee that may be entitled to the consumer in their relationship to the seller.

The kitchen faucets by Hansgrohe are guaranteed to be free from design faults, manufacturing faults, and material faults. Any defect that is discovered in the product must have been present in the product at the time of purchase. Consequential damage is not honored unless there is a legal obligation to do so.

The warranty extends for the length of time the consumer owns the faucet from a residential standpoint. Family and household purposes qualify for the limited lifetime warranty that is non-transferable. Any other use of a Hansgrohe kitchen faucet limits the warranty length to 1 year only.

There is one exception to these warranty statutes regarding the oil-rubbed bronze finish. That project is subjected to a 3-year warranty from the time of purchase.

For a warranty claim to be valid, there must be a part, finish, or component that is defective due to improper material quality of inferior craftsmanship. Issues that arise from the installation or use of the faucet do not qualify for the warranty, even if the installation was performed by a professional. Repair, replacement, or a refund of the three options available to restore a customer who has received a defective product.

To file a warranty claim, call 1 (800) 334-0455. If a return is required because of a refund, a Return Goods Authorization must be obtained. Email [email protected] for this authorization or call the toll-free number above. Items returned for reasons other than a warranty claim are subject to a $20 minimum, 25% restocking charge.

What Are the Prices of Hansgrohe Kitchen Faucets?

Hansgrohe kitchen faucets are more of a premium brand for a majority of households around the world. A majority of the faucet models that are currently available have an MSRP above $400.

Some of their most popular models are more than twice that price. One example is the Talis C Two-Spray High Arc Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with an oil-rubbed bronze finish has an MSRP of $840.
The semi-professional kitchen faucets that are created with a commercial styling through the Axor brand have an even higher MSRP. The Axor Starck, for example, is a two-spray high arc commercial-style kitchen faucet which has an MSRP of $1,060.

Shopping online for these faucets can save you some money. There are several models currently available below $300, saving between $100-$400 off the listed MSRP, depending upon the faucet.

If you’re looking for a great deal on a fantastic faucet, then the Hansgrohe brand must be a top priority. Some call it the original. Others call it a family heritage. When you represent this brand or install it in your home, you’ll call it perfect.

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