Heat Your Home For Less With The Best Wood Stove Fan

Having a good wood stove with a blower is fine, but having the best wood stove fan churning out the hot air from a good fire is better! Many homes don’t maximize the use of their wood stoves because they are using a fan that is too weak to fully spread out the warm air. A small investment into a better blower now could mean having a warmer home for the winter season! How could a new wood stove fan help your heating system today?

It isn’t just the power of the fan that makes it a good one. There are other factors, such as consistency in performance, reputation, and pricing that make a good fan great. To select the best, you need information! That’s what the chart below will provide you right now.

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Why Is Having a Wood Stove Fan So Important?

wood-stove-fanA quality wood stove does one thing very well: it creates a lot of heat. The only problem is that the heat is kept in one location. That’s great if you just want to heat one room, but what if you want to use the wood stove to heat your entire home? That’s why having the best wood stove fan is so important. A quality blower will distribute the hot air throughout your home instead of keeping it in one solitary spot.

How can you determine if you’re looking at a good fan? There are a few particular features you’ll want to think about getting if you’re making this investment.

  • Automatic Control: Instead of having to manually turn your blower on and off, it is beneficial to have an automatic wood stove fan that will turn on once it registers a certain temperature has been achieved by your heating system. Some of these even work with the Peltier Effect, which means they use the heat of the wood stove to power the fan, rather than requiring battery power or mains power to spin the fan.
  • Noise Control: When you’re using a blower, some noise is expected. It isn’t going to be a fully quiet operation! You can end up having too much noise from cheaper units, however, and that can be problematic in smaller homes. Look for a blower that is powered by heat because these will spin without electricity, distribute the heat to your home, and are extremely quiet compared to their motorized counterparts.
  • Easy Installation: The best wood stove fan is very easy to install, often being part of the initial piping section that connects the wood stove to the outside. In return, you’ll get a maximum amount of heat that can fill a room to the corners with hot air. Blowers in vented systems can then distribute the heat throughout an entire home instead of you prefer.

What Are the Advantages of the Best Wood Stove Fan?

The primary advantage of using a blower with your wood stove is that you can distribute the hot air in a better way. Many homeowners may use a ceiling fan to help distribute air and that may work for vaulted ceilings, but a wood stove fan that is connected with a vented home can heat upwards of 2,000 square feet with ease.

The secondary advantage of using a wood stove fan is that it will help the average person save on cost. It takes less fuel to heat a home with a wood stove fan than it does using just a standard stove and venting connection and with a heat-powered fan, you can even make sure your home stays warm when the power goes out on a cold day. With an investment that is often below $150, it’s a small price to pay to get a large benefit in return.

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say About Wood Stove Fans?

Caframo Ecofan Airmax

Having a free-standing wood stove is nice, but having a fan that works with your stove is nicer. As long as your wood stove doesn’t exceed 650F, then the Ecofan is an effective way to push up to 150 CFM without having a lot of noise invade your room. It’s available in a nickel or a gold blade and this two-bladed fan is backed by a one-year warranty. It will even work within an insert if you prefer. The one issue with this particular fan is that there were poor production runs, so there may be products floating out there that may need a replacement motor.

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Caframo Ecofan BelAir

As another fan that is powered by heat, this two-bladed black option by Carframo will let you better circulate the hot air that’s in your room with the stove. It requires no electricity to run and can sit on top of the stove if it is properly insulated. It isn’t recommended for mantles or inserts, but it can operate in them if needed. The base of the fan heats up, this spins the blades, and your room gets warmer while the top of the fan stays cool. It’s not going to work with a gas stove or a pellet stove, but is perfect for the free-standing wood stove.

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Caframo Limited Ecofan Ultrair

The more you can spread the air around your room, the less your fuel consumption will actually be. With the Ultrair, you’lre getting a model that is rated to work will all types of stoves that are free-standing. It’s ready to use straight out of the box. You simply place this fan on top of the stove, heat up the firebox, and you’re ready to have a comfortable room!

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Vulcan Stove Fan

If you don’t mind the extra investment, this powerful 5 blade fan works entirely from the heat of your stove as well. You’ll need to spin it to get it to start working, but that’s all you’ve got to do. There’s no oiling or other maintenance tasks required and this 100% mechanical fan has no electronics. It circulates twice as much air because of its design and the entire unit is built by hand. Withstanding temperatures of up to 930F/500C, you’ll be able to let it work with stronger wood stoves as well.

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Caframo Alcona Stove Top Fan

If all you need is a basic wood stove fan, then this model from Caframo is an excellent option to consider. It’s the lowest priced model in its family and works with temperatures that reach 650F. A thermometer is recommended with this fan because of the lower temperatures, but the 8 inch blade size is ample enough to give this fan 100 CFM of air circulation. All in all, this is a good little fan for those small free-standing wood stoves in homes out there.

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With the best wood stove fan, you can make all of your heating needs be just a little bit better. Be comfortable, save fuel, and enjoy everything that these products can provide to improve your home!

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