Hot Tub FAQ

Q: How hot should my hot tub be?

A: Most hot tub owners prefer to have their water temperature be between 100-102°F when using it. The maximum temperature for most hot tubs is 104°F, which some owners prefer. For women who are pregnant and using a hot tub, the temperature should not exceed 100°F. 

Q: How long can you sit in a hot tub?

A: Staying in a hot tub for an extended period of time can cause heat-related illnesses. This includes fainting, nausea, and dizziness. Prolonged heat exposure can even be life-threatening. For this reason, it is recommended that the maximum time to stay in a hot tub for a person in good health is 10 minutes. Some users may wish to limit their hot tub time to 5 minutes. 

Q: How much does a hot tub cost to buy?

A: Plug and play hot tubs or portable hot tubs tend to be the most affordable, with some models starting at $350. Four person hot tubs may cost up to $4,000 and eight person hot tubs have been known to cost $8,000 or more. For more details on pricing check out our hot tub reviews here.

Q: How long does a hot tub last?

A: Entry-level hot tubs will generally last up to 5 years when proper care and maintenance is performed on a regular basis. For high-end hot tubs that have long warranties and a higher cost, it may be able to last 20+ years with regular maintenance. Mid-range hot tubs typically split the difference between the two with an average lifespan of 10 years. 

Q: How does a hot tub work?

A: In a standard hot tub, the water in the tub is drawn through a system of pipes that works to heat the water. As the water goes through these pipes, it is also filtered to remove contaminants, such as mineral scale. A control box ensures that the data inputs remain consistent so the temperature is consistent. The movement of the water then is delivered to the jets of the hot tub, which pressurizes the water so it is delivered in a stream. A drain allows users to remove the water from the tub so that it may be cleaned periodically. 

Q: How heavy are hot tubs?

A: Hot tubs on their own will typically weigh about 800 pounds. When you add water into the hot tub of that size, which may be up to 600 gallons, then the full weight of the hot tub can be 3 tons (6,000 pounds) on its own.

Q: How do you move a hot tub?

A: It is necessary to drain a hot tub before moving it because of the weight involved. We have a complete how-to guide for moving a hot tub that can take you through the necessary steps here.

Q: How do you drain a hot tub?

A: Most hot tubs have a draining mechanism installed in the shell of the tub so you just need to release it in order to begin removing the water. Some hot tubs may require the water to be pumped out of it. There are several fastening points within the pump mechanism that also typically need to be loosened for a complete drainage of the tub.

Q: How to install a hot tub?

A: The key to a good hot tub installation is to make sure the foundation is ready to go. The foundation must support the weight of the hot tub, be completely level, and not be made of brick, stone, or gravel-based products as these scratch the shell of the unit. We have a complete how-to guide for hot tub installation that can answer further questions in this area here.

Q: How to find a leak in a hot tub?

A: Turn off power to the tub. Examine all of the fittings and pipes to see if there is evidence of water. The shell of the hot tub may also leak. Follow each pipe to look for evidence of leaking. If you cannot see any, try placing dark food coloring in front of a jet and watch where it goes. 

Q: How to fix a cracked hot tub?

A: Drain the tub in order to expose the crack. Wear proper safety and protective equipment. Drill a small 1/16 inch hole at the top and bottom of the crack to stop it from spreading. Grind the crack out in a “V” shape to increase its depth. Clean the surface and then apply a small amount of acetone on a clean, dry cloth. Put fiberglass paste and activator from a repair kit into the crack, following the product’s instructions. Smooth the surface and allow it to dry for at least one hour. Sand it smooth, apply a rubbing compound designed for this repair, and then buff/polish the repair. 

Q: How to winterize a hot tub?

A: You will need to drain all of the water out of the hot tub, including water that may be in the pump and pipes. We have a complete how-to guide with steps that you can follow to complete this process. Never place antifreeze in a hot tub to winterize it. Just remove the water, clean the tub, and then cover it until the weather warms up again. You can also read our full article here.

Q: How to clean hot tub filters?

A: Most hot tub filters need to be cleaned out every 14 days. Rinse out the filter and use an overnight cleaning agent for best results. Our guide to hot tub filter cleaning can answer any other questions you may have. We have more information on filter cleaning here.

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