Kingston Brass Kitchen Faucet Brand Review

You like the idea of having an upgraded look for your kitchen faucet. You also like the idea of saving some money on your remodel. Why spend $1,000 when you could spend $200 or less for a beautiful faucet with a great finish?

Kingston Brass agrees with you. Their kitchen faucet designs incorporate modern, nature-driven elements. They are offered in a variety of finishes, types, and styles. Many of the kitchen faucets are designed to work with 1-hole and 3-hole sink installations.

With more than 700 total kitchen faucet options currently manufactured by this brand, you’ll find it to be a fantastically affordable way to go from “no way” to “I want to spend time in there today.”

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About Kingston as a Brand

Kingston Brass was formed in 1998 in California as an organization with the mission to embrace creative craftsmanship, incorporate ingenious designs, and produce top-quality products that can work in any home.

Kingston Brass firmly believes that it is never too late to find perfection. All it takes is a willingness to refine oneself and to embrace change.

This brand did so by undergoing a digital transition. When Kingston Brass was first started, they focused on utilizing local resources to create a fantastic product that would be favored by their community. By listening to their customers, seeking direct feedback even when it was negative, they were able to create a collection of accessories and products that have the quality and affordability that the average homeowner requires today.

No matter how dissatisfied you may be, Kingston Brass will listen. They will also work hard to make things right. They believe in full transparency when providing a quality service experience.

In total, the brand now carries over 20,000 total designs in their inventory. Their warehouse covers more than 72,000 square feet and 14 loading docks are used to ship items directly to their customers.

For more information about Kingston Brass, you can watch the video below.

How Good Are Kingston Kitchen Faucets?

Kingston Brass is not one of the best-known names in the kitchen faucet industry at the moment. That is because they have focused on building themselves from the ground up, focusing on word-of-mouth marketing through excellent products and services.

They also tend to sell their kitchen faucets directly, especially in the early days of the brand, and that has limited the opportunity to develop an online reputation. There are 80% fewer reviews and ratings online for Kingston Brass compared to other brands, such as Moen kitchen faucets, even though their products are comparable.

In reviewing the information that is available from retailers that do sell Kingston Brass kitchen faucets, we found their average rating to be 4.4 out of 5.

We did find information about Kingston Brass available through the Better Business Bureau and Yelp during our brand review process as well. Although the average rating for the company hovers around 2.0 out of 5, a majority of the reviews involve the actions of the company more than the quality of the product.

Per Kingston Brass: “If you have a problem with the item ordered or the item does not work for you, please contact the seller for a replacement or a return.”

The top-rated kitchen faucets from this brand tend to incorporate traditional designs, two-handle elements, and an additional feature, like a side sprayer. The Kingston Brass American Classic Modern Oil-Rubbed Bronze spiral faucet is an excellent example of this.

It is a commercial-style faucet with the traditional spring-like high arc faucet design. It offers a single handle instead of two, but also provides a foundation bar for the faucet from its base to give it more support. It is an excellent space saver, features a pull-down design, and meets flow-rate regulations for a majority of communities for a price that is right in the comfort zone of the average homeowner.

One note of caution when shopping for a Kingston Brass kitchen faucet. You will want to ensure the exact length of the connection lines that come with your faucet. The connections can be difficult to make and the lines may end up not being flush. Measure the space you’ll need from the sink top through the counter to ensure the best possible outcome.

A professional installation is highly recommended for the Kingston Brass brand.

What Types of Kitchen Faucets Are Available Through Kingston?

Kingston Brass provides a variety of faucet types that are based on the traditional designs that many kitchens have incorporated. Installing one of their faucets creates an updated look, but retains the functionality that is required in many kitchens.

To accommodate the most number of kitchen designs, you’ll find these kitchen faucet types are currently available.

  • Pull Down Kitchen Faucets
  • Pull Out Kitchen Faucets
  • Pre-Rinse Kitchen Faucets
  • One-Handle Kitchen Faucets
  • Centerset Kitchen Faucets
  • Two-Handle Kitchen Faucets
  • Bridge Kitchen Faucets

Kingston Brass also offers a series of pot-filler faucets, wall-mount faucets, and two handle kitchen faucets that are designed to be installed on a 1-hole sink. In total, there are more than 700 different models available in their various collections that encompass all these faucet types.

One of the best examples of value from the Kingston Brass brand is the Gourmetier Century single-handle pull-out kitchen faucet. This model is offered with an oil-rubbed bronze finish, features a 1/4 turn ceramic cartridge, and a standard half-inch OPS connection. The faucet offers a swivel spout and a 2-function stream and jet spray. It is manufactured in Taiwan, weighs less than 5 pounds, and offers a total spout reach of 8.25 inches.

It is priced in the standard range that most homeowners find to be acceptable for a kitchen remodel or faucet upgrade. 

What Is the Warranty on a Kingston Kitchen Faucet?

Kingston Brass offers a 10-year limited warranty on their faucets. The warranty states that the faucets will be “flawless” during normal residential use. If a leak or drip develops during this use, warranty parts can be obtained through the original place of purchase. The original retailer must be contacted for a warranty parts request before contacting Kingston Brass.

If the original seller is not available for some reason, then the original owner will receive the parts shipped from Kingston Brass to initiate the repair through prepaid ground freight service. The warranty applies to faucets installed in the United States only.

The finishes on each faucet have a 10-year warranty on material and workmanship, with matte black and oil-rubbed bronze excluded from this warranty.

It is important to note that Kingston Brass specifically recommends that plumber’s putty should not be used on the installation of any of their faucets. Only a silicone-based caulking is recommended for installation. Applying the putty, even if done by a professional, can void the warranty provided on this product.

Defects that are found may be repaired, have a replacement part or product provided, or the brand may “make an appropriate adjustment.” Improper care or cleaning automatically voids the warranty. Homeowners cannot use alcohol-based products, bleach-based products, ammonia, or solvents. Any product that is not recommended for a metallic finish must be avoided.

Homeowners must also avoid having water accumulation occur on their faucet to maintain their warranty status. This includes a need to remove the aerator on occasion to remove debris or mineral deposits that may have formed.

Always wipe your Kingston Brass faucet with a clean, dry cloth after use as a best practice. Mild soap, such as dishwashing soap for cleaning, is considered a best practice for the brand.

Proof of purchase is required for a warranty claim. Kingston Brass does not provide labor costs for a warranty repair if they ship a part out to replace a defective component.

You can initiate a warranty claim by contacting Kingston Brass by email at [email protected]. You can also contact them by phone at 1 (877) 252-7277.

What is the MSRP of a Kingston Kitchen Faucet?

The kitchen faucets from Kingston Brass are competitively priced. You’ll find most models are priced below $300. This includes certain faucets that have a satin nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, or comparatively premium finish.

There are a handful of faucets in the Heritage collection that are priced for less than $200.

Some models, especially within the Gourmetier collection, are priced slightly higher. The American Classic in this collection, with a single handle pull-down design, has an MSRP of $400. Vintage kitchen faucets within this collection have an MSRP as high as $499.95. Several retailers may provide these faucets to consumers for less than the suggested retail price, however, so it is important to shop around and use the best kitchen faucet reviews as your guide.

Kingston Brass may be a young company, but they are founded on the practice of true transparency. Based in the United States and with manufacturing centers around the world, it is very possible to find the perfect kitchen faucet with this brand for a surprisingly good price.

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