Pfister Faucet Brand Review

Pfister faucets are a global brand of beautiful, innovative, and fashionable fixtures that naturally enhance the usefulness of any kitchen. More than 100 different faucets are currently available from Pfister, offering a wide variety of styles in several different collections so an upgraded look can always be achieved.

You’ll find a variety of finishes are available on most faucets that Pfister offers. There are 1-hole installation designs and there are 4-hole installation designs, along with everything in-between. There is even a dedicated section of their website for professionals who wish to work with this brand.

Reliable manufacturing processes. Beautiful designs. Awesome values. These are the hallmarks of Pfister faucets. Discover your next look today.

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About Pfister Faucets as a Brand

Pfister has more than a century of experience manufacturing quality kitchen faucets. Founded by William Pfister and Emil Price, the first faucet from the company was intended to help with gardening chores. For the first 100 years, the company was known as “Price Pfister.” In 2010, the brand was changed to be simply “Pfister.”

From 1910-1919, this was the sole focus of the company. Beginning in 1920, Pfister would work to expand their product selection, including kitchen faucets, along with several other plumbing fixtures.

Like many manufacturers, Pfister used their facilities to create equipment for the military during World War II. After the war, in the 1950s, the brand revealed a line of faucets that they called their Crown Jewel collection. These faucets were very easy to install, added more functionality to the kitchen, and were extremely durable for their price. It is this collection that would make Pfister become a household name.

Innovations in the 1960s and 1970s helped the brand to hang around, but added competition caused Pfister to see their reputation and market share begin to slip. To counter this issue, the company introduced their famous advertising campaign that called their product the “Pfabulous Pfaucet with the Pfunny Name.”

Pfister was also the first company, in 1990, to introduce a pull-out kitchen faucet design that was affordable for the average household. Then, in 1997, Pfister would also integrate a water filter into the spout of their design to create the first integrated filtering product available in the industry.

Since 1989, Pfister has been part of the Black and Decker family of products. In 2000, Black and Decker merged Kwikset with Pfister, creating such a flexible manufacturing process that custom kitchen faucet designs can be delivered to customers in as little as 8 weeks.

How Good Are Pfister Kitchen Faucets?

You can tell how old a Pfister faucet happens to be based on the product description that is offered for it. If the product is a Price Pfister faucet, then it was manufactured before 2010.

As a brand, there is generally good availability throughout the retail industry. These faucets can be found in retail chain stores, such as Home Depot, in addition to today’s top online outlets. In reviewing the feedback provided by customers on all sites that collect this data, we found that Pfister faucets have an average ranking of 4.0 out of 5.

There was only one website that collected any verifiable complaint data regarding Pfister kitchen faucets. On this site, the average ranking given for the brand was 2.8 out of 5.

One of the biggest reasons that people choose Pfister, in their own words, is that the faucets come with a design that works extremely well for their kitchen. It creates an inviting look that provides a central point of focus that brings families and friends into that space.

The most common complaint that is listed for the Pfister brand actually involves warranty claims. There are several incidents where a claim was fulfilled using the wrong part, which meant a second exchange had to be made, though not at the customer’s expense, to receive the correct part.

We also noticed that the largest number of complaints involving leaks and drips tend to come from households that experience water that has high levels of scale. Calcium build-up tends to occur and this encourages the leak or drip to start.

What Types of Kitchen Faucets Are Available from Pfister?

Pfister offers several different design options for the kitchen, but many of their faucets do tend to incorporate a gooseneck aesthetic. Various accessories do come with many of their faucet options, including a separate bar or prep faucet, a side spray, or a soap dispenser.

Here are the different types of kitchen faucets that Pfister currently manufacturers.

  • One-Handle Kitchen Faucets
  • Two-Handle Kitchen Faucets
  • Pull Down and Pull Out Kitchen Faucets
  • Bridge Kitchen Faucets
  • Nature-Driven Kitchen Faucets
  • Commercial-Style Kitchen Faucets

When browsing through the best kitchen faucet reviews that involve Pfister products, it is important to take note of the finishes that are available for that specific model. Unlike other brands, Pfister does not offer each finish for each collection or model. Some faucets, such as the Breckenridge pull-down kitchen faucet, is only available with a stainless steel finish with hints of “rustic pewter.”

In comparison, the Bixby one-handle pull-out kitchen faucet is available in polished chrome, stainless steel, or Tuscan bronze and it has an MSRP that is more than $100 less than the Breckenridge model.

Each faucet manufactured by Pfister does offer a low-flow experience, with most models meeting or exceeding local standards. For households living in areas that have a 1.5 GPM restriction in place, however, you’ll want to talk with your installer or Pfister before completing your purchase about your preferred model to ensure you are in compliance.

What Is the Warranty on a Pfister Kitchen Faucet?

Pfister was one of the first manufacturers to offer a limited lifetime warranty on their fixtures. It is called their “Pforever Warranty” and covers the function and finish of the faucet that is purchased for as long as the home is owned by the original purchaser. To make a warranty claim, either the proof of product purchase or proof of “original home ownership” is required.

Some faucets may include technologies such as a control box, an electronic sensor, a filter manifold, or filter cartridges. These are excluded from the warranty but are protected by a 5-year limited warranty to the original purchaser or residential user. Filter manifolds are protected by a 1-year warranty, while GE filter cartridges are backed by a 30-day warranty.

Commercial applications with a Pfister faucet have one of the best warranties in the industry today. The mechanical warranty for a faucet used commercially is 10 years from the date of product purchase.

Only the Pforever finish is given the lifetime warranty guarantee. Any other finish is limited to a 5-year warranty instead.

If a warranty claim is deemed to be valid, then the exclusive remedy is a repair or replacement of the part in question. The part must be sent prepaid for a manufacturer’s inspection before the claim will be authorized.

To make a claim, you will need to have the model number of the faucet and a complete description of the problem. You can then contact their customer support department at 1 (800) 732-8238. You can also fax a written statement about the issue to (949) 672-4588.

More information is available on Pfister’s warranty page.

Prices to Expect for a Pfister Faucet

Pfister faucets can be purchased directly from the manufacturer. They are also available at many retail outlets and can be purchased online. Each location has a different price point to consider for almost every faucet model.

Online purchases tend to be the most affordable, with savings of up to 30% off the MSRP. Entry-level faucets begin for less than $100, with the Pfister Pfirst series providing the best pound-for-pound value for the brand. For the sake of comparison, the 1-Handle pull-out kitchen faucet in this series has an MSRP list above $125 direct, but less than $90 online.

Several mid-range options are available online in the $100-$250 range as well, which is where most homeowners will find themselves shopping for an upgraded look.

Retail outlets, including a store’s branded website, can still save money off the MSRP, but usually in the 5-15% range.

A handful of professional-grade kitchen faucets are available from this brand as well. Many of these models are priced in the $300 range or slightly higher, but still within reach for most homeowners who are looking to complete a kitchen remodel.

For kitchens that haven’t seen a faucet upgrade in 10+ years, Pfister offers an affordable way to add a level of luxury to that space without a huge budgetary sacrifice. The Pfirst series provides the best value, while models like Kai provide the best all-around quality from this manufacturer.

With more than a century of total experience and having manufactured kitchen faucets since 1920, there is a lot that Pfister can offer professionals and homeowners. For those on a budget, it is important to give this brand a close look before making a final decision.

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