Review: Bay Front SDS Pellet Stove

Do you want the ease and convenience of a pellet stove for your home? Do you want a unit that has the power to heat up to 2,000 square feet with ease? With this bay view pellet stove by Bay Front SDS, you’ll get the visual aesthetics of a fire you love with the heating ease of a 50 pound pellet hopper. It comes loaded with features that you don’t often find at this price range, although high efficiency pellets are the only ones recommended for this unit. The MSRP of this pellet stove is $2,295, but you’ll be able to save over $600 by shopping on a website like Amazon.

The Features of the Bay Front SDS Pellet Stove

The best feature that you’ll find on this pellet stove is the digital thermostat controller. This allows you to be able to quickly adjust the warmth of your room and your home with one-touch ease. This is combined with an electric ignition process so you won’t have to worry about creating a bed of coals to keep your stove firing with strong heat either. Backed by a 1 year warranty for service and parts, you’ll get 33k BTUs of heat output that is consistent.

There’s also these features to consider as well:

  • a high temperature automatic switch-off feature will turn off the fire within your stove when temperatures reach 200F;
  • if the power goes out, the stove will automatically restart if the unit exhaust is above 120F; and
  • with an ash drawer in the bottom, it’s easy to clean out this pellet stove, especially if you have a Shop-Vac around to help.

This pellet stove is a fully automated unit. You set the times and temperatures that you want for your home to be heated and it turns on. The blower is also automated so you’ll always receive the proper amount of heat for your home with this unit.

The Advantages of the Bay Front SDS Pellet Stove

The primary advantage that you’ll find with this unit is that when equipped with a hearth pad, it will even work on combustible floors with ease. You can reduce the pellet distribution amount to reduce heat output as well, allowing you to be able to install this stove virtually anywhere in your home with ease. You’ll want to give it a little extra clearance from a combustible wall than some other units, but overall it’s a versatile stove.

The one issue we can see some folks having with this stove is that the venting attachments are just a bit smaller than what you’d get with a standard-sized unit. You or your preferred installation professional may need to tinker just a bit with your adapters to finalize the installation. To get the pipe to go on all the way, you may also need to disassemble the back of the unit, depending on your specific venting needs.

Overall, however, for the price of this pellet stove, you’re definitely getting a great deal! You’ll have a lot of versatility to meet your heating needs thanks to this stove’s features and that allows you to save on your heating bills. There’s a lot of value in this investment and that’s why it receives our recommendation.

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