Review: BioBidet Hands Free Flow Faucet

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The problem with kitchen faucets that are rich in features is that they tend to cost several hundred dollars. That’s not an investment that ever family or small business can absorb at any given moment. With the BioBidet hands-free flow faucet, there is another option to consider for homeowners and professionals who demand excellence.

The Flow faucet offers a modern, gooseneck design that features a single side-handle for temperature control. It comes in either brushed nickel or chrome, has a nice pull-down mechanism that works well, and comes packed with a ton of features.

If you’re looking for a high-quality faucet at a price that is affordable, this is one of the best models to choose today.

What Are the Features of the BioBidet Flow Faucet?

  • It offers a hands-free motion sensor so you don’t need to reach across the sink with messy hands to turn on the faucet.
  • No hardwiring is required to operate this faucet. It runs on battery power and the result is long-lasting consistency. Two AA batteries are required to operate the electronic components on this kitchen faucet.
  • The retraction feature is based on SmartLatch technology and offers a quiet user experience. The nylon braided hose, colored in black on both finish options, moves well up and down and this makes docking the spray head a simple task.
  • You have access to 2 different spray modes with this faucet: the standard stream and the aerated spray. The button to control the spray modes is at the back of the head instead of the front.

What we really loved about this faucet, especially with the brushed nickel finish, is that cleaning and maintenance are kept to a minimum. Stains don’t settle on the surface often, but if they do, a simple wipe is all that is needed to make it shine bright again. Since it is a touchless model as well, there are fewer fingerprints to deal with as well.

The faucet is a little heavy at 7 pounds, but some may see that as a good thing. It is an indication that the Flow faucet has been solidly built.
There is also a manual bypass for the sensor, should it malfunction.

Our Grade for the BioBidet Flow Faucet

We give the BioBidet hands-free flow faucet an 8.1 rating on our 10-point scale.

The biggest complaint about this specific faucet is the lack of quality control on the sensor for the touchless technology. Although we didn’t encounter a failure of this feature, we did notice that false activations were easier to trigger with this model compared to others with a similar option.

You’ll also need to have some room underneath the sink for the pull-down feature of this faucet to really work its magic. Some users may encounter catching or hesitation when trying to pull down on the spray head.

If you don’t have them, you’ll also want to get yourself a set of check valves before installing this faucet.

Overall, the positives that this kitchen faucet brings are far greater than its negatives and it will certainly help to create a wonderful new look in almost any kitchen.

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