Review: Boharers Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer

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Sometimes you’re looking for a kitchen faucet that will outlive the time you spend in your home. Then there are times when you need a quick, but good replacement because your previous faucet just kicked the bucket… while you were trying to fill it. The Boharers kitchen faucet with pull down sprayer isn’t going to compete with premium brands or models, nor should it even try to do so.

This is an entry-level kitchen faucet that is designed to provide three key benefits.

  • Fit within your budget. It has an MSRP of $169.99, but often retails for less than $100.
  • Look good in your kitchen. This faucet design is similar to most modern single-handle gooseneck designs that are available in every pricing category today.
  • Give you water. You receive complete basin access with this kitchen faucet with minimal splashing while still receiving a fair amount of clearance for whatever chores may need to be finished.

The overall height of this faucet is 16.3 inches, though the spout height and reach is 8.25 inches. It is designed for a 1-hole sink installation, but a 10.25-inch deck plate does come with this faucet for those who need to cover a 3-hole installation point.

What to Expect with the Boharers Kitchen Faucet

Although it is a basic kitchen faucet, there are some nice elements that have been built into the design of the unit that make it worth considering. You receive a full 360-degree swivel with the high arc design. That gives you full access to your sink and plenty of clearance so that your work can get done.

The pull-down sprayer also offers the standard dual-function design that offers a cleaning rinse and an aerated stream. That limits the amount of water that is wasted while working at the sink without compromising the ability of the faucet to help with cleaning.

We were also pleasantly surprised with how easy the faucet was to install. You receive the source hoses in the box and anyone with at least a little plumbing experience can get the job done in an hour or so.

Now the pull-down sprayer isn’t magnetized, so docking it can be a bit of a problem. The connections within the faucet can give way with above average use, separating the handle from the faucet over time. For those with a 3-hole installation, be aware that the deck plate is not included and must be purchased separately.

Our Grade for the Boharers Kitchen Faucet

We give this kitchen faucet a score of 6.9 on our 10-point scale.

The Boharers kitchen faucet with pull down sprayer isn’t a bad entry-level faucet. It just doesn’t stand up to the wear and tear like its better built companions at a more expensive price point can usually do. It’s a stylish faucet, provides good water pressure, and does a decent enough job.

There are long-term durability issues to think about, but for a short-term solution, this faucet is a good value purchase.

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