Review: BOSCA Limit 450 Wood Stove

Table could not be displayed. Are you looking for a wood stove that is both upright and compact? Would you like an innovative design that helps you store extra wood without having to find a place where you won’t trip over it? The Limit 450 from BOSCA provides a construction that is based on heavy duty stainless steel that is upright, compact, and will last for years. It can heat a home that’s up to 1,800 square feet in size and there’s refractive bricks that help to reflect heat back into the room. You can even store wood underneath it! The MSRP of this unit is $1,398, but you can save up to 13% by shopping on a website like Amazon.

The Features of the Limit 450

The primary feature we really liked about this wood stove was that it has a better paint coating on it then you’ll find on other stoves at this price point. It’s a high temperature charcoal paint that has been used to increase the heat radiance of the unit while increasing the stove’s durability as well. You’ll just want to fire this stove outside first so you get that initial paint smell out of the way.

There’s these additional features to consider with this wood stove as well:

  • this wood stove accepts standard wood logs sized 16 inches and below;
  • the baffle and the ash pan are both removable to help clean out this stove; and
  • there is a large ceramic window installed in the door so you can keep an eye on your fire levels.

This wood stove is also approved for use in mobile homes with the optional fresh air kit that can be ordered with this product. It is EPA certified so you may qualify for certain tax breaks and it has technology incorporated that makes lighting this stove for the first time an easy, fun experience. It’s definitely a quality product.

The Advantages of the Limit 450

Believe it or not, we really see the advantage of this wood stove in its overall size and weight. It only weighs 220 pounds, so you won’t need to call over all your buddies to move a monstrosity with this unit. It’s 19x20x33 inches in size and lined with firebricks to maximize the overall heat output. Even though you’re using 16 inch or less logs, you’ll still get up to a 10 hour burn with no trouble at all.

If there was one place where this stove could be improved, it would be in the door design in relation to the firebox. Because the firebox is smaller than other stoves, you’ll often get some smoke coming out the door when you open it up to feed the bed. The secondary burn system still works well, however, and we believe that this wood stove has the ability to exceed your expectations for a product such as this. It’s for that reason the BOSCA Limit 450 receives one of our highest recommendations. Click here to view prices on Amazon and get a great deal on the Bosca Limit 450.

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