Review: Comllen Commercial Stainless Steel Pull Down Sprayer

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There are products which describe themselves as being “commercial.” Then there are kitchen faucets which have a commercial quality to them so you know they can provide consistent results. Although the Comllen Commercial Stainless Steel pull down sprayer does provide a little of both, for an entry-level faucet, we found ourselves being pleasantly surprised with the results that were produced.

This faucet offers a standard gooseneck design, providing 360 degrees of rotation for full basin access. It comes with a brushed nickel finish, a high arch spout for pot filling, and a responsive handle for pressure and temperature controls.

It is a 1-hole installation only. No deck plate is included for a 3-hole sink.

What We Discovered with the Comllen Commercial Faucet

When you purchase an affordable kitchen faucet with entry-level features, there are some sacrifices that must be made to bring down the final price consumers pay. The most noticeable change for this faucet is the quality of the hose that connects the spray head to the fixture. Instead of using a braided metal design, the product uses a mesh-type hose on a mounting that is nothing but a threaded plastic sleeve.

We also found that the faucet was more difficult to install than other faucets of comparable size and weight. Once the installation is finished, the faucet looks great and is fully functional. Just make sure you set the faucet in such a way that the handle moves toward the hot and cold water in a way that works for you.

The seals that prevent water from dripping and leaking do seem to need a breaking-in period after installation. For the first week or so, there was a prolonged period of dripping from the spray head after turning the water off. This problem eventually resolved on its own, providing an affordable solution that looks nice in the kitchen.

We do have concerns about the finish. You’ll want to wipe it down with a damp, soft cloth only. Anything thing else, including dish rags with texturing, may scratch the finish of this faucet.

Our Grade for the Comllen Commercial Faucet

We give this kitchen faucet a rating of 6.9 on our 10-point scale.

It does have some elements of commercial quality to it, but there are also some elements of commercial marketing that cannot be overlooked. We’d like the finish to be stronger, the product consistency to be a little better, and fewer overall plastic components.

To be fair, if the manufacturer were to make those changes, then this faucet would no longer be offered at the price point it is currently at.

We loved how the faucet looked in the kitchen. There is some extra play in the faucet movement that makes us a little uncomfortable, but after the initial period of use, we encountered no real problems with this faucet.

If you need an affordable replacement or entry-level upgrade for an old faucet, give the Comllen Commercial Stainless Steel pull down sprayer a closer look.

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