Review: Delta Essa Single Handle Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

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Sometimes the best faucets focus on getting the basics right to make sure a kitchen receives the best possible user experience. There’s more function than form, but that design is still useable and offers good sink access. That is the best way to describe what comes with the Delta Essa single handle pull-down kitchen faucet.

It offers a standard gooseneck design. The pull-down spray head fits nicely into the palm, doesn’t slip, and has a rear-facing button to switch between sprays. Four different finish options are available, each working with a 1-hole or 3-hole sink. You don’t have to worry about the deck plate if it is needed because it comes in the box.

Here is a summary of our experience with this model.

What to Expect When Using the Delta Essa

The nicest feature that comes with the design of the Delta Essa is its easy clean features. The rubber nozzles on the end of the spray head are much easier to clean than similar models from other manufacturers. Although you won’t want to use a fingernail to do so like you could with a showerhead, the scale tends to slide right off.

We also like the full swivel action that is provided by the Delta Essa. Once installed, it can give you a full 360 degrees of access at the sink. That is combined with the MangaTite docking that keeps the wand in place for a solid user experience that limits drips, leaks, and other common forms of faucet damage that may occur.

One-piece supply lines are included with this kitchen faucet and a diamond-embedded ceramic disc provides users with a level of consistency that isn’t always found in faucets today. Leak points are effectively reduced and spray head drooping risks are reduced because of these design elements.

The height clearance of the faucet is 16.5 inches and the pull-down feature extends to about 24 inches, so you have plenty of working space. Some homeowners and professionals may prefer to go with the Touch2O system to eliminate premature wear on the handle as well.

Our Grade for the Delta Essa

We give this kitchen faucet a 7.8 rating on our 10-point scale.

Our main concern with this faucet is the overall reach of the spray. The reach of the gooseneck is slightly further forward than a standard design, which pushes the spray toward where the user is standing. If the sink is smaller than average, it is entirely possible that homeowners could experience the water spray reaching the top of the counter.

This issue can be countered by only using the faucet as a pull-down option, but that does limit the usefulness of the product somewhat in that specific circumstance.

We didn’t encounter any issues during the installation or testing process with the Delta Essa single handle pull-down kitchen faucet. It performed well, got the basics right, and looked good doing it. That, in our view, makes it a pretty solid investment opportunity.

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