Review: Delta Leland Single Handle Pull-down Kitchen Faucet

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Keeping the modern kitchen faucet clean can be a major chore. Most manufacturers want you to use warm, soapy dishwater and nothing more, but that doesn’t always get you the sparkling clean that you want. With the Delta Leland Single Handle Pull-down kitchen faucet, you’ll find 3 good finishes and optional Touch2O technology that works with a durable fixture that holds up well to the cleaning process.

You will still need to avoid chemicals or steel wool when maintaining this kitchen faucet, but you won’t feel like you need to wrap it up in some bubble wrap to protect it for the warranty.

Here are our key observations of the Delta Leland.

#1. It uses Diamond Seal technology instead of a standard ceramic disc. We like this technology a bit more than the standard ceramics that are used in most kitchen faucets today. Diamond Seal technology has noticeably fewer drips and leaks escape from the faucet. It’s also very easy to install and can potentially last over the entire lifespan of the unit.

#2. It works with most standard sinks. You can install the Delta Leland on any 1-hole sink or use a deck place to install it on a 3-hole sink.

#3. The rubber spray holes have some good and some bad features to discuss. It’s nice to have the touch-clean spray holes on this faucet. All you need to do is rub the hole with a finger and the scale collected there begins to wipe away. If the scale has hardened onto the rubber, however, it can be a real project to restore the functionality of the faucet. You can’t use a cleaner on it either, though a soft towel does a decent job.

#4. You know you’ve snapped the faucet back into place. The MagnaTite docking system used with the Delta Leland gives you a strong snap when the magnets come back together. You know that faucet is going to stay in place, even if you happen to bump the spray head as you’re working at the sink. It can dislodge with a big enough impact, however, so some users may wish to beware.

#5. The quick connection feature is nice, but needs a small fix. We really struggled at first with the quick connect supply hose that runs from the water to the faucet. It tried to blow out when testing the faucet. We found that reinforcing the connection can solve the problem, but that requires a waterproof product, additional ties, or some other product that can reinforce the connection’s strength.

#6. Temperature controls take a little to get used to using. The small handle on the side of this faucet does take some getting used to using for homes that have used a traditional faucet in the past. The controls are a little sensitive, so don’t be afraid to play with the settings a little bit so you get a good feel of how it should operate.

We give this kitchen faucet a rating of 8.7 on our 10-point scale.

The Delta Leland Single Handle Pull-down kitchen faucet is an affordable option for homes who are looking for an affordable upgrade or replacement. It gives you everything you’ll need for a better kitchen experience in one simple box.

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