Review: Drolet Fireplace Wood Insert

Drolet Escape 1800i Fireplace Wood Insert EPA-Certified

Are you looking for a solid fireplace insert that will burn wood, but won’t hit your bank account dramatically? Do you want an insert that has an airwash included within its design that will help to keep the unit consistently clean? The Drolet wood insert for fireplaces has the capability of solving these problems and more for you! With an adjustable door handle and single air control design, you’ll be able to warm up your home easily and effectively once this insert is installed. With a price that is nice on Amazon at $1,349, it won’t cost a lot to save a lot on your cold weather heating year after year.

The Features of the Drolet Fireplace Wood Insert

The primary feature that we noticed with this fireplace insert was how efficient it happened to be. With a 75% efficiency rating, you’ll get most of the heat where you want it – in your home! The door swings open from left to right and the adjustable handle that stays rather cool to the touch will help you stoke the fire when needed without creating a lot of mess. The total BTU output is 39k.

There’s also these additional features to consider:

  • it qualified for the US Federal tax rebate program because of its overall efficiency;
  • it is incredibly easy to begin stoking a bed of hot coals, so you’ll have full heating power within an hour; and
  • you can easily have a full load of wood burn for up to 8 hours and still have active coals to keep the home heated in the morning.

There’s two issues with this fireplace insert that you’ll need to know in advance.

  1. It requires a metal faceplace, Item# 1589720, in order to properly work. If you just purchase this fireplace insert without using the metal faceplate, you will not be able to use it.
  2. You will also need to either line your chimney with either a flexible liner or utilize a flue elbow joint to connect your insert to your existing exhaust.

The Advantages of the Drolet Fireplace Wood Insert

The obvious advantage of this unit is the price. Even though you will need to purchase the metal faceplate and either line your chimney or use an elbow joint, the price is still 50% less than similar wood burning fireplace inserts from other models. You’ll still receive a quality heating experience in return for your reduced investment, even if you have to bring in the separate parts. It takes a little extra time, but this Drolet insert definitely holds it own.

Once you get this unit installed, we believe that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the difference it can make. With all of the items installed, cleaning this unit is a pretty simple chore and you won’t get a huge mess when you need to work the fire like some other units or a traditional fireplace can provide. All in all, this 400 pound cost-effective masterpiece will work for any fireplace that has 28 inches of clearance.

For the cost savings that you’ll receive up front and with your heating bills on an ongoing basis, this Drolet wood burning fireplace insert receives our recommendation because it will do exactly what it is designed to do. 

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