Review: Drolet High Efficiency Wood Stove

Are you looking for a wood stove that will heat your entire home quickly and easily? Do you want a stove that that has plenty of room for larger logs so you can have a burn that lasts all night? With the Drolet high efficiency wood stove, you’ll get everything you want! It has a 78% efficiency rating partially due to the 5/16 inch steel plate that’s on top of the stove. The firebox is nearly 4 cubic feet in size and it’s lined with firebricks to help prolong the lifespan of any fire. It’s also priced nice on Amazon at $1,229.99, with a shipping charge of $266.

The Features of the Drolet High Efficiency Wood Stove

The primary feature we loved with this wood stove was its cleaning design. There’s a large ash drawer on the pedestal of this stove, one of the largest in the industry today. The ash feeds into it automatically and you can just dump it out about once per week – though more in colder climates potentially. It takes logs up to 22 inches in size and creates enough BTUs to heat up to 2,400 square feet with ease.

There’s also these features to consider with this wood stove as well:

  • a thermostat is included with this stove to assist with fire control;
  • the door is made from a heavy duty cast iron and it has an air control lever above the door for further control;
  • when fully loaded with cord wood that is of a hardwood variety, you can get up to 12 hours of burn time on a single load.

This wood stove is built to last. Weighing in at over 500 pounds, you’re going to need a little help with this one to get it into your home. Once you do, however, you’ll have a stove that will withstand the tests of time.

The Advantages of the Drolet High Efficiency Wood Stove

The primary advantage of this wood stove is the fact that it is so well insulated. You only need to have 19 inches of clearance on the back and the sides of this unit, so it will fit in just about anywhere. It isn’t approved for mobile homes, however, so take that into consideration as well. There is a blower that is optional with this stove for an additional cost, but unless you’ve got a new construction or this is your first wood stove, you probably won’t need it. You may be eligible for a tax rebate with this model as well.

It’s hard to find anything difficult to say about this wood stove from Drolet. It’s one of the best wood stoves on the market today! If anything, it would be nice to have an inlet damper feature on it, but that’s really the only semi-negative thing that can be found on this unit. For that reason, it receives one of our strongest recommendations. Click here to view prices on Amazon and get a great deal on the Drolet High-Efficiency Wood Stove.

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