Review: Gicasa Semi-Pro Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

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Commercial-style faucets make for an excellent tool at the sink in any kitchen of any size. The only problem with these professional faucets is that they are out of the price range for the average consumer. With the Gicasa semi-pro pull-down kitchen faucet, the ability to own a good faucet that is useful, but still fashionable, is finally within reach.

There are two finish options that are available with this Gicasa model. We were only given access to evaluate the oil-rubbed bronze finish.

Here is a summary of our experiences.

What to Expect with the Gicasa Semi-Pro Faucet

We found this kitchen faucet to be surprisingly stout. It’s strong and sturdy and well-suited for kitchens that see a lot of activity. The weight of the unit is over 8 pounds and the faucet body features an all-brass design. This works in combination with a good ceramic cartridge so the faucet avoids leaks, drips, and other potential causes of damage.
The spray head and internal components, however, are plastic.

The hose on this pull-down model also locks into place with a gravity ball design, slightly different than the magnetic locks that come on models like this from other manufacturers. The spray head still locks into place, but it is a little easier to knock it out of place compared to a full magnetic system.

The gooseneck design utilizes the commercial-style coil spring and gives the faucet an overall height of 20.5 inches, but the spout height is just 5.3 inches. It can be installed onto a deck that is up to 2.5 inches in thickness.

The finish looks great out of the box, comparable to other brands, but at a fraction of the cost that other oil-rubbed bronze faucets tend to be priced at.

Installing the kitchen faucet is a nightmare if you don’t know much about plumbing. The instructions are difficult to follow and could lead to product or home damage. We’d highly recommend a professional installation.

The hose length is very short and that limits basin coverage. We also saw changes to the finish along the handle with heavy use of the faucet.

Our Grade for the Gicasa Semi-Pro Faucet

We give this kitchen faucet a rating of 7.3 on our 10-point scale.

The Gicasa semi-pro pull-down kitchen faucet doesn’t quite put fashion in front of function, but it does come pretty close to doing so. We found the handle to be somewhat sensitive to commands, especially for pressure changes that are required, and there can be some heat felt through the plastic spray head on when the water heater setting is above 120F.

There is also some concern about counter splashing with this faucet due to its extended height and limited basin coverage. Smaller sinks may not accommodate this particular commercial-style model very well.

If you love the look of oil-rubbed bronze and your budget is tight, however, this is one of the best options available in today’s market. Give it a close look and you may just discover that it is one good deal for your upcoming kitchen project.

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