Review: Imlezon Wall Mount Kitchen Sink Faucet

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Many commercial faucets are installed right on the sink, providing a solid, but weighty, user experience. You get to benefit from the heavy-duty design, but the sink groans under the weight of the faucet. The Imlezon wall-mount kitchen sink faucet offers a different option to consider. Instead of mounting on the sink, it utilizes a wall-mount design.

This unique commercial faucet does more than offer a simple pull-down sprayer on a high arc gooseneck and call itself good. You have dual faucets that can be accessed with this wonderful design. The primary faucet is the spring-based flexible look with a commercial trigger for fast and effective washing. Then there’s a secondary faucet, with an L-shaped design, which gives you a traditional user experience as well.

Here are some of the features we encountered when evaluating this affordable kitchen faucet option.

#1. It features a heavy-duty brass construction. This kitchen faucet features a lead-free construction and offers a finish that is resistant to corrosion. The total weight of this faucet is about 12 pounds, so be sure to follow all mounting instructions to ensure the best possible user experience.

#2. It offers double handles. This design element provides users with accurate temperature adjustments and better overall flow control. The swing nozzle is about 12 inches in length.

#3. The primary faucet offers 360 degrees of access. Although this is a wall-mount kitchen faucet, you do have access to a 360-degree design that gives you full basin access at the sink. Most installations won’t actually get 360 degrees because of the need for a wall, but it may be possible for some.

#4. Multiple height options are available. The basic faucet from Imlezon comes with a 25-inch total height from the mount to the top of the sprayer. There is another option that reaches 47 inches in height. Both options work equally well.

#5. It’s more a “style” than an actual industrial-strength faucet. The manufacturer classifies this faucet as being commercial because of the spring style. It’s a good residential faucet that may have some light business use, but for a full-service kitchen, there just isn’t enough quality here to create results.

#6. You’ll want a professional installation. Unless your plumbing setup is already designed to accept a wall-mount faucet, you are going to want a professional installing this fixture for you. It is going to take some time to get everything balanced and secured, with the risk of damage quite high. Make sure your installer is licensed, insured, and bonded for your protection as well.

We give the Imlezon wall-mount kitchen sink faucet a rating of 7.1 on our 10-point scale.

It is a heavy-duty faucet for its price point. There are several advantages that can be found with this product, particularly with its pre-rinse design, but there is also the challenge of the wall-mount requirement.

This kitchen faucet will not be suitable for every home. If you’re looking for this type of commercial product, we believe you’ll be surprised by everything this model can do.

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