Review: Kraus Modern Nola Single Lever Flex Commercial Faucet

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If you’ve got kids at home, then you’ve experienced how hard their little hands can be on your faucets and fixtures. Folks with tough jobs come home and need a faucet that can withstand the dirt, grime, and abuse that is required to clean-up at the end of the day. The Kraus Modern Nola single-lever flex commercial faucet is ready and able to stand up to both sets of circumstances and much, much more.

This kitchen faucet is one of the few at its price point that features all-metal construction that is lead-free. It offers a high arc design, similar to what is seen in a commercial kitchen, but with a dual-function pull-down spray head that offers magnetic docking. A reinforcement bar extends from the faucet foundation to the spray head connection for added sturdiness as well.

Two finishes are available with this specific model. It works with a standard 1-hole sink, but an optional 10-inch deck plate allows it to work with a 3-hole sink as well.

Notable Observations About the Kraus Nola

We were very impressed with the finish that comes with this faucet. The challenge was simple: do something that would damage the finish so we could write about it. For all practical purposes, the faucet withstood every common thing we could think of that might be in the kitchen. You won’t want to use a bleach-based cleaner and don’t scrape the finish with a knife or metal spatula.

The amount of pressure that users receive from the spray head is also quite impressive. This Kraus model meets many low-flow regulations, but because of the Neoperl aerator, doesn’t sacrifice your cleaning power at all. The nozzles are of the easy-clean type, but they are a little small, so wipe it down instead of using a finger for best results.

The placement of the sprayer function button is a little questionable. The switch is quite large, taking up about half of the front of the spray head. Users must grasp the spray head from the back and pull it forward, then down, to avoid accidentally switching the streams. You do receive 360 degrees of swivel.

Our Grade for the Kraus Nola

We give this kitchen faucet a score of 9.5 on our 10-point scale.

The one issue we can see being a potential problem for some homeowners is a kitchen with a shallow sink basin. There is enough of a stream that comes from the spray head on the Kraus Modern Nola single-lever flex commercial faucet that some residual spray comes up and out of the sink.

That fine mist then begins to settle on everything around the sink. That requires some extra clean-up, especially for homeowners in high moisture areas, as mold formation would be encouraged by the lingering moisture.

Outside of that one concern, we found that this faucet looks fantastic, performs exceptionally well, and makes life easier for those who spend a lot of time in their kitchen. It is definitely worth the investment.

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