Review: Moen Brantford MotionSense Touchless Pull-down Kitchen Faucet

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When we make an investment into a specific product, there are certain expectations that we have for its performance. It should be easy to install, work straight out of the box, and then continue to work as promised throughout its expected lifespan. The Moen Brantford MotionSense touchless pull-down kitchen faucet does an excellent job of meeting those expectations and some extras.

Because this is a touchless model, you’ll find two sensors are available to trigger the faucet so it will turn on. One is located at the back of the gooseneck faucet, which means standing in front of the faucet will give you water. There is another sensor at the top of the faucet, above where the spray head connects, which can activate it as well.

The faucet continues to run until you step away from it or swipe over the top sensor a second time.

That feature is nice, but it isn’t without a small headache. The temperature for the sensor activation is preset underneath the sink. Because it doesn’t have last temperature memory, users must then engage the handle or make an adjustment to the settings for their next use.

Facts to Know About the Moen Brantford

  • The gooseneck design for this faucet is noticeably high. That makes it a nice option for filling pots at the sink. It is also a good fashion-forward design to consider. Just make sure there’s enough room to complete the installation before finalizing a purchase.
  • The quick-connect system from Duralock provides an easy installation process. Tools aren’t needed to attach the Moen faucet to the water line. There is a strong snap that lets you know you’ve completed that part of the installation.
  • Moen has also given this faucet Spot Resist, which reduces scale spotting from hard water on the fixture.
  • A limited lifetime warranty is included with this kitchen faucet, though the digital components are backed by a 5-year warranty.
  • The faucet height is 15.5 inches, with a reach of 7 7/8 inches, and a clearance of 8.25 inches.

The Brandford is a very low-flow kitchen faucet, rated to deliver at just 1.5 GPM. For homes going through an upgrade, the difference may be half of what the current flow rate happens to be. There may be some users who experience a small drop in pressure at the faucet as well, even if it is being operated at 60 PSI.

Our Grade for the Moen Brantford

We give this kitchen faucet a score of 8.2 out of 10 on our rating scale.

The Moen Brantford MotionSense touchless pull-down kitchen faucet gets all the basics right. Although some improvements could be made with the addition of a couple more features, we found the value proposition being offered to be a fair one.

With a pull-down wand, two spray modes, and reflex technology that makes using the pull-down feature super easy, there’s a lot to love about this faucet. Its sleek design will help to create an inviting kitchen experience.

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