Review: QuadraFire Classic 1200 Pellet Log Stove Set

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Do you want to have the aesthetics of a wood burning stove, but want the efficiencies of a pellet stove? Are you wanting to give your home a classic touch for a very affordable price? This log set may only work with the QuadraFire Classic 1200, but in return you’ll receive a very pleasing set of false logs that will let your stove double as an aesthetically pleasing addition to any room. The flames from the pellets will give the illusion of wood burning and that can definitely improve the mood on a cool Autumn evening! It’s priced right at just $125.99.

Why Invest In a Log Set for the Classic Bay 1200?

This three piece log set if designed to help you get the most out of your QuadraFire Classic 1200 not from a heating perspective, but from a visual perspective. It’s a replacement set and features genuine QuadraFire parts so that you can just slip the old false logs out and insert these new logs in their place. It works whether you’re using your Classic Bay 1200 as a fireplace insert or as a stand-alone heating unit.

When combined with the airwash technology of the QuadraFire 1200, you’ll also receive a low maintenance option as well with this log set. Although you’ll need to clean them over time as ash does tend to build-up on them, the cleaning chore can happen when you’re just cleaning out the stove as part of your regular chores.

What Advantages Does This Log Set Provide?

If you own a QuadraFire Classic 1200, then this log set provides you with a nice finishing touch to the environment you’re creating within your home. Unlike other logs from manufacturers, these logs look fairly realistic, especially at a distance, and will give you something nice to look at during the Summer months especially when your stove is clean.

If you need to deep clean these logs, the first step is to utilize a vacuum to clean off any loose debris or ash that might have collected on their ridges. You may also find that some loose debris has collected under the logs and will need to be cleaned as well. This is especially true if you aren’t using high efficiency pellets. Although the recommendation is to clean them after each use, a simple vinegar of cleaning mixture with a brush can eliminate caked on ash.

If you want to have the appearance of a wood burning stove for your QuadraFire pellet stove, this log set is priced just right for you. It’s easy to install, simple to maintain, and will give your room the presence that you want it to have. Click here to view prices on Amazon and get a great deal on the QuadraFire Classic Bay 1200 Pellet Stove Log Set.

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