Review: Refin Oversized Heavy Duty Commercial Kitchen Faucet

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Many commercial-style kitchen faucets tend to look a lot alike. They have a chrome finish, a spring-protected pull-down sprayer, and a bit of weight to the faucet itself. The Refin oversized heavy-duty commercial kitchen faucet takes a somewhat different approach.

Instead of a chrome finish, this model is an oil-rubbed bronze finish. You’ll still have the spring-protected sprayer, but it also has the bronze finish instead of chrome. As for the weight of the faucet, it is a bit heavy at over 11 pounds. Refin even includes a warning for those thinking about purchasing this faucet as it can bend thin stainless steel sinks.

Key Points to Think About with the Refin Commercial Faucet

  • The flow rate on this kitchen faucet is 1.8 GPM. It is suitable for most low-flow regulations, especially those in the United States.
  • The spout height is 5.7 inches, while the overall height of the product is about 26.85 inches.
  • There is a 5-year warranty available for this product, including for residential consumers.
  • The high arc spout is able to swivel a full 360 degrees while in use.

We found that this faucet is both beautiful and very functional. Although it is priced as a mid-range faucet, there are elements of high-end features and design elements that can be found. The spring on this commercial faucet allows for plenty of movement, but there is a bit of resistance to it as well. There are times when it feels like the faucet is trying to fight you.

For homes with higher PSI levels, there are multiple levels of pressure control incorporated into this faucet’s design. You can adjust the pressure at the sprayer, the primary lever, or at the valve that is intended to serve as a pot filler. This does an excellent job of reducing any splashing while using the kitchen faucet.

Once we got our hands on this faucet, we did notice that the threaded downspout was a little shorter than expected for a faucet with such height and weight. It’s just 2 inches long. For a heavier sink, that may leave only ¼-inch to fasten the threads to at best. That means cutting from the backing or finding an extension to insure a proper mount for this faucet.

Refin told us that after 2016, their threaded downspout total length became 4 inches to counter this issue. Our model may be a previous version.

We also discovered the water lines included with this kitchen faucet were just a touch short for where we needed them to be.

Our Grade for the Refin Commercial Faucet

We give this kitchen faucet a rating of 7.6 on our 10-point scale.

There are a lot of good things going on here, especially for the price of the Refin oversized heavy-duty commercial kitchen faucet. It is managing the installation that, for many, will be the biggest ownership headache.

When you get to actually use this faucet, it is a real pleasure. Ensure your sink can handle the weight of this faucet and enjoy this fashionable option.

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