Review: Vogelzang Colonial Wood Fireplace Insert

Vogelzang Colonial Wood Fireplace Insert

Are you looking for a fireplace insert that will replicate what a cast iron wood stove can do for your home heating needs? Do you want an insert that won’t destroy your savings account to help you begin to save more on your heating needs? With the Vogelzang Colonial, you’ll get one of the best home heating units in the market today that combines efficiency and price. It includes a large hearth for a classic look, heats a home up to 1,800 square feet with ease, and with reinforced plate steel will still stay cool enough to the touch. It’s price right: just $1,123 on Amazon!

The Features of the Vogelzang Colonial

The primary feature that we really love about this fireplace insert is the adjustable air intake lever that is on the right hand side of the unit, above the door. Unlike other inserts that require adjustments through the handle, you’ll be able to quickly and easily adjust the amount of airwash your fire is getting with a cool to the touch handle.

There’s also these additional features to consider with this fireplace insert:

  • it has a large ceramic glass window that is 16×9” to let you enjoy the romantic flickering of flames on a cool evening;
  • it has the power to burn a full load of wood for up to 8 hours on just one fueling; and
  • this insert meets all low emissions standards with an output of just 4.02 grams per hour.

With a BTU rating of 69k and a unit that is more than 75% efficient, you’ll also qualify for US Federal tax breaks with the purchase of this unit for your home. It is fairly lightweight at 265 pounds, but it is heavy on the value that you’ll receive.

The Advantages of the Vogelzang Colonial

The primary advantage of the Vogelzang Colonial fireplace insert is also one of its disadvantages, depending on what your perspective happens to be. This unit is a bit smaller than other inserts, so it works with fireplaces that may not normally accept a more traditional insert. On the other hand, larger fireplaces may need a little extra help during the installation process because of its size. This means you may need a little extra time to get the insert hot, but then it will really start to heat up the home.

As with any new fireplace insert, it will be to your advantage to fire it outside before installing it if you have the ability to do so. If you install it directly before your first burn, then your home will have something like a new car smell, combined with burning plastic, until the insert becomes seasoned against the flames.

Overall, however, this unit has the ability to provide you with a quality heating experience for a quality price. You’ll get the tax credit in the US, you’ll get a nice bed of hot coals to keep your home warm all season, and with seasoned wood, it will burn all night long for you. For those reasons, this fireplace insert receives our recommendation.

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