Review: Vogelzang Durango TR008

Vogelzang Durango EPA Wood Stove with Blower

Are you looking for a wood stove that is tight and compact? Do you want to have one of the cleanest burning wood stoves on the market today? If so, then the best wood stove for you just might be the Vogelzang Durango. Instead of it being a wide wood stove that is short vertically, it is designed to hold up to 26 inch logs with a slim, vertical design. This will help it fit into tighter spaces, yet won’t jut out enough that it could cause you a problem. Able to heat up to 1,500 square feet with ease, the MSRP on Amazon of $1,099 seems like a pretty good deal!

The Features of the Vogelzang Durango

The primary feature of this wood stove is the turbo burn technology that Vogelzang has included with this design. It makes a good heating experience because there are a series of re-burn tubes within the firebox that have been cross-drilled to improve air flow. You’ll get a secondary level of air at the top of the firebox that improves the overall combustion rate and extends the amount of burn time that you’ll receive.

There’s also these additional features to consider as well:

  • it has one of the lowest emissions rates on the market today for a wood stove at just 3.6 grams per hour;
  • it is incredibly easy to light, despite it being an airtight firebox design; and
  • it may qualify you for a local tax break depending on your specific community conditions.

If there was one improvement that could be made with this stove, it is with the blower. If you need the blower to distribute the air, you’ll find that you may struggle to reach the 1,500 feet of heating that is claimed. If you’re using equipment already installed in your home, then you might find even better distribution.

The Advantages of the Vogelzang Durango

The primary advantage that we noticed with this wood stove is the fact that it uses less wood than most other stoves to heat a home. Much less wood, in fact, to the point where you can potentially get through with just 1 or 2 cords for the entire cold season. The combustion gas is directed by a fiberglass panel that may take a little routine maintenance to keep in good condition and combined, the stove is able to be more than 75% efficient.

You will need to do regular maintenance on this wood stove to keep it working well. If you can keep up with the maintenance work, this stove will last for several years without much of an issue. The one thing we didn’t like so much about this stove was that there was no ash pan to collect the leftover debris, so you’ll need to get in there and clean out the grate regularly. That’s a good time to do the regular maintenance on the unit, however, so all in all it’s a push.

If space is tight and so is your budget, this could be the best wood stove on the market for you. That’s why we recommend taking a look at it today. Click here to view prices on Amazon and get a great deal on the Vogelzang TR008 Durango Wood Stove.

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