Review: Vogelzang Lil Sweetie Wood Stove

Vogelzang Lil Sweetie Wood Stove

Are you looking for a small, yet effective wood stove to heat your home? Do you want a cast iron stove that can hold logs that are up to 20 inches in size? The Vogelzang Lil Sweetie just might be the best product to meet your needs today! It can efficiently heat up to 600 square feet with ease and it’s compact design lets it have a 96k BTU rating. It’s perfect for a cabin, barn, or workshop or could supplement the heat in a room of your home. Best of all, the price on Amazon is extremely nice at just $232.33.

The Features of the Vogelzang Lil Sweetie

The primary feature of this wood stove is the way it is designed. It’s perfect for that cabin out in the woods because there is a large enough surface on top of the stove that will let you cook. The handle stays fairly cool to the touch and the door has a cam-lock latch so you don’t have to worry about it springing open. If you’re on the West Coast, however, you’re not going to be able to take advantage of this deal because it doesn’t meet emissions standards for Washington, Oregon, or California.

You do have these additional features to consider with this product if you do qualify for its purchase:

  • it’s small enough that one person can handle the installation of it, weighing in right around 60 pounds in total;
  • the assembly of this wood stove is incredibly simple and can be completed in less than an hour; and
  • it burns the wood you feed it extremely efficiently.

It’s important to realize that this isn’t generally going to be a whole home heating stove in most situations. It is a heating and cooking stove that will quickly consume the wood, especially since there aren’t any fire bricks with it. You could prolong the heating life of this stove by installing your own bricks if you wish.

The Advantages of the Vogelzang Lil Sweetie

The primary advantage of this wood stove is its cost. It’s extremely affordable and will quickly heat any room you put it in. You’ll need to have it be double vented, however, because of the extreme output it has. You’ll need to route it through a chimney if that is possible, otherwise you’re going to be cutting a hole through your exterior wall. For some users, that might be a dealbreaker if they don’t have a chimney or an exhaust output, but otherwise this is a pretty sturdy little stove.

If there was one thing that could be improved with this stove, it would be nice if it came with a heat shield. It puts out a lot of heat, so you’ll want to keep it away from the walls. It might work in some mobile homes if there’s enough clearance space, but it is primarily designed for the cabin or barn that you want to have heated. It’s tough to find a better deal at this price point, which is why the Lil Sweetie gets our recommendation. Click here to view prices on Amazon and get a great deal on the Vogelzang BX22EL Lil Sweetie Cast Iron Stove.

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