Vigo Faucet Brand Review

Vigo might not be one of those kitchen faucet brands that is instantly recognized by everyone, but that doesn’t mean they should be ignored. Vigo Industries, in fact, produces some of the best commercial-style kitchen faucets in the industry today.

They also produce a wide range of bathroom products that can create the perfect look for the entire home. All-in-one kitchen sets, sinks, and additional accessories are also available. The end result is that when you purchase a Vigo faucet, you’re purchasing something with high design features that require very little maintenance.

With several types available and a variety of styles from which to choose, it is very easy to envision a Vigo faucet being your next best purchase for a new construction or remodeling project.

Professionals can also register with Vigo for exclusive content.

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About Vigo Industries as a Brand

Vigo Industries is a young company, but they are growing quickly. In 2014, the brand was named as one of the Inc. 5000 fastest-growing private companies in the United States. What draws consumers and professionals to this brand is its unique style and unapologetic personality.

Not only does Vigo Industries create a product that offers style and function, but it is guaranteed to be a product with superior quality. The goal is to provide modern sophistication to the kitchen without compromising on the features that are in demand from today’s savvy consumer. That’s why the highest quality and environmental standards are met by Vigo on a vast majority of its products.

That means a Vigo faucet does more than meet the standards of the EPA’s WaterSense program. It also meets IAPMO standards. They are actively involved in numerous industry organizations. That offers consumers a product that looks fantastic, operates consistently and has a durability that makes many perceive that their investment was worthwhile.

To ensure the quality of this brand, Vigo Industries focuses on three key points.

  • To enhance living. The goal is for Vigo’s faucets to fit “seamlessly into your life.” That way your personal style can reflect with the finest details.
  • To provide a world-class experience. From beginning to end, the customer experience with Vigo is intended to be ideal. Open dialogue is encouraged, including negative feedback, so that each faucet has the chance to be even better in the future.
  • To encourage creativity. Form and function are equally vital to Vigo. If it doesn’t look fantastic, then this brand believes that the faucet doesn’t deserve to be included with your home.

Vigo Industries only asks to exceed your expectations. If given an opportunity, there is a good chance that they will do exactly that.

How Good Are Vigo Kitchen Faucets?

Vigo kitchen faucets are not always the first items that can be found on a generic search term, so some websites have this manufacturer with strong sales. Others have limited sales records. That limits the number of review opportunities that are available for this brand.

For the information that is available, Vigo has an average rating across all platforms of 4.1 out of 5.

Some models are ranked much higher than this, in the 4.6-4.9 out of 5 range. Older models from Vigo can be somewhat lower, in the 3.4-3.9 out of 5 range.

When customers purchase directly from Vigo, their overall ranking is 4.8 out of 5. One thing to note about this brand is that they make a specific point to read each review that is left by a customer, no matter what site that review might be on. Their goal is to ensure that they do everything humanly possible to ensure that customers and professionals are pleased with the “Vigo experience.”

Vigo has set up their website to gather reviews from several different websites and publicly displays them on the product screen.

There are about 50 total kitchen faucets currently available from Vigo Industries. Every faucet meets 1.8 GPM low flow requirements. Several models have a soap dispenser that is included and all but 3 models offer a spout swivel of 36 degrees.

What Types of Faucets Does Vigo Industries Offer?

Most of the kitchen faucets that are offered by Vigo have been given a commercial-style design. Those that are more of the traditional design come with a single handle option, a gooseneck or L-neck design, and excellent ergonomics.

You can expect these types of faucets when reviewing the best Vigo kitchen faucet reviews.

  • Pull Down Kitchen Faucets
  • Pull Out Kitchen Faucets
  • Bar and Prep Kitchen Faucets
  • Kitchen Faucets with Deck Plates

One of the disadvantages with the Vigo brand is that many models have limited finish options available for them. A majority of the faucet designs only come with one finish option. There are, however, some exceptions to this rule.

One of them is the Edison pull-down spray kitchen faucet by Vigo. It offers 4 finish options: chrome, matte black, stainless steel, and matte black with stainless steel. It features a solid brass construction, a spray face that is designed to resist scale build-up, and a retractable spout that is expandable up to 30 inches. It is ADA compliant and all mounting hardware and water lines are included with the product.

For those who want the oil-rubbed bronze look, only the Aylesbury pull-down kitchen faucet currently offers this option.

So, there are some limitations compared to other brands, but nothing that should be a deal-breaker for most homeowners or professionals.

FAQ About Vigo Kitchen Faucets

Where are Vigo products manufactured? Vigo manufacturers their faucets in China through brand-owned suppliers and some third-party suppliers. The brand has representatives with boots on the ground at those facilities to ensure quality.

How sustainable are Vigo’s practices? The kitchen faucets manufactured by Vigo are all CALGreen-certified. All faucets are cUPC certified as well.

How do I receive a Vigo faucet? Vigo kitchen faucets usually ship directly from the manufacturer’s warehouse to the retailer or e-commerce supplier. These retailers may store faucets in their own warehouses and ship to customers from there.

Is it possible to return my kitchen faucet? The return of a Vigo kitchen faucet is dependent upon the retailer or website which sold the product. You will need to follow the instructions provided by the location where the faucet was purchased. As an example, here is Amazon’s return policy.

What Is the Warranty for a Vigo Kitchen Faucet?

The Vigo warranty page offers complete details of what to expect if you decide to include this beautiful brand with your kitchen remodel, upgrade, or construction project today. Here is a brief overview of what to expect with the warranty.

  • Lifetime Warranty Coverage. Vigo offers a limited lifetime warranty based on manufacturer’s defect. This includes all hardware finishes, tempered glass components, and a guarantee of plating consistency. All structure components of the faucet are guaranteed to be “free from defects in workmanship and materials under normal use” from the date of purchase by the original owner.
  • Faucet Cartridge. Vigo Industries offers a 5-year warranty on their faucet cartridge. Some manufacturers only offer a 12-month warranty on this product.

It should be noted that the sprayer parts on a Vigo kitchen faucet have a 1-year warranty.

To file a warranty claim with Vigo Industries is a little confusing. After purchase, your first step should be to register your product. This will provide you will full access to your warranties and extend any warranty that may be on your specific faucet. Registration does create a correspondence with the brand for rebates and certain promotions.

If you do need to file a warranty claim, then you will need to go to the manufacturer’s technical support page. You can fill out the information requested there or contact the technical support department at 1 (866) 591-7792 to speak with someone in person. If you do call, be aware that there will be several automated prompts that must be navigated before being able to speak to a representative.

What Are the Prices of Vigo Kitchen Faucets?

Most of the kitchen faucets that are manufactured by Vigo Industries are priced between $100-$200. These faucets may have limited finish options available, but they are rich in features. Many models are single-point installations, but a separate escutcheon is available with most faucets and installs in just minutes.

If the escutcheon is not available with your faucet, it can also be purchased separately on Amazon.

Premium faucets from Vigo are priced around $300. For the added cost, you’ll receive a slightly longer sprayer reach, more finish options, and a slightly better durability.

If you’re looking for a unique style, Vigo Industries has multiple options for you to think about. It may not be a brand that everyone knows yet, but if they continue to grow as they have in years past, there is nothing holding Vigo back from being a fantastic kitchen faucet manufacturer.

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