What Are the Best Hot Tub Accessories?

You’ve already made the investment into a great hot tub. You’re having a great time using it – or at least you plan to have a great time if you’re still waiting for it to be delivered. One way to enhance the benefits a hot tub can provide is to purchase some beneficial accessories. The best hot tub accessories make it easier to access the hot tub, enjoy the hydrotherapy, and be comfortable while doing so. This guide will take you through some of the best and most unique options that are available for any size of hot tub today.

The Best Chart for Hot Tub Accessories

Even when a hot tub has been conveniently placed for use, it can be difficult to step into the hot tub. It might be difficult to have something to drink while in the hot tub. Your neck might hurt because of the way you need to sit in the hot tub. The chart below offers you the best publicly reviewed products that can instantly solve those problems.

Why Hot Tub Steps Are an Essential Purchase

Hot tubs offer a lot of warm comfort, but they aren’t always easy to get into. This is especially true for those of us who don’t quite meet the height averages of the human race. Taller folks can just slip into the hydrotherapy they need, but the rest of need benefit from having hot tub steps. The best hot tub steps are made from non-slip materials, meet international code requirements for step spacing, and match the aesthetics of your tub.

Hot tub steps are generally made from wood, metal, or plastic. If you purchase wood hot tub steps, we highly recommend choosing cedar or redwood. These two options tend to last the longest with a minimal level of care. Pressure treated wood would be the second-best option since it can stand up to moisture for up to 20 years in some instances. Otherwise any wood that has been stained and given a layer of waterproofing can provide the access you need – you’ll need to apply the waterproofing each year.

Non-slip stairs are also a big plus to have. They’ll give your feet some added grip when you step out of the hot tub when they’re wet so you have less of a slipping risk.

Metal steps that are made from aluminum or powder-coated steel can also be useful. These tend to work best if you have the hot tub in a covered area, such as a gazebo.

Why Hot Tub Tables Are an Essential Purchase

Hot tub tables serve one function: to prevent organic debris from getting into your system. Any organics that are introduced into your water have the potential of forming bacteria, algae, mold, or mildew in as little as 72 hours because of the warm nature of the water. With a hot tub table, you can enjoy a snack or have a safe place to set your drink that limits the risk of this type of introduction.

You have two basic types of hot tub tables from which to choose: those that attach to the side of the hot tub shell and those that float on the surface of the water.

In this category, the best hot tub accessories are based on your personal preferences. If you use the hot tub virtually every day, then an attachment table might be the best option. If you only use the hot tub occasionally and do so more for fun than for hydrotherapy, then a floating table might be a better option.

Sometimes you can even settle for cup holders that float or attach to the side of the hot tub instead if you don’t believe you’ll need a table.

Why Hot Tub Pillows Are an Essential Purchase

If you have a relaxed seating hot tub, then your head and neck need to rest somewhere. If they are resting on the side of the hot tub, then it won’t take long for that pressure to begin causing discomfort, tension, and even pain while you’re sitting in the warm water. Hot tub pillows provide you with the necessary support the neck and head needs so the whole body can relax.

When shopping for the best hot tub pillows, you’ll want to take note of the make and model of your hot tub. We also highly recommend writing down your serial number as you take a look through the best hot tub accessories. This is because many hot tub pillows are designed to be model-specific or brand-specific.

There are generic pillows available that may work on a number of different hot tubs, but you’ll want to look carefully at the compatibility chart of the product before making a purchase. This way you can avoid a potentially lengthy return process if you discover your preferred hot tub pillows did not fit as you expected them to fit.

What Are the Prices of the Best Hot Tub Accessories?

Hot tub pillows tend to be the most expensive accessory. It is difficult to find good quality hot tub pillows for less than $50 each. There are not usually bulk purchase discounts for these pillows either, so supplying four pillows for your 4 person hot tub is going to cost $200 plus any sales tax and possible shipping charges.

Hot tub tables tend to be more expensive when they attach to the shell of the unit. The same is true for cup holders. You can generally find tables in the $25-$35 range, with cup holders about $15-$25 depending on their size. If you want floating accessories instead of attaching ones, you can save up to 50% on this cost.

Hot tub steps tend to be priced just a little lower than hot tub pillows. You can generally find a set of well-constructed steps for $50-$75. If you purchase pressure treated redwood or cedar steps, those may exceed $100 depending on the size of the steps. Most hot tubs will only need one set of steps, however, which is why they are a lower overall cost than spa pillows.

What Do Our Reviews Have to Say?

Handi Step

Some folks can just slip right into a hot tub thanks to their leg length. For others, a couple of slip-resistant steps would be nice to have. That’s why these steps are such a nice accessory. Made from plastic, they are really easy to assemble and require no hardware. There is grip to the step, so you can worry less about slipping when your feet are wet. They’re UV resistant for outdoor use and have good weather resistance as well. Clean up is a breeze with simple soap and water. Give them a look and we think you’ll be hooked.

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Spa Side

A hot tub can be a fantastic place to relax, but not every home has a private location available to it. For those who don’t want their neighbors staring at them, this umbrella can provide a certain measure of privacy. The 10 foot canopy size can also give you some shade from the sun. You can spin the umbrella 360 degrees and lock it at any point or tilt to give yourself the customized results you need. Thanks to the under mount design, this umbrella works with almost every hot tub manufactured today.

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Having hydrotherapy jets in a hot tub is a fantastically wonderful relaxing experience. With this fragrance addition to your water, you can add an aromatherapy experience to your hot tub as well. We like this particular fragrance option because it is specifically designed for using in a hot tub. It won’t foam up as badly like some other fragrances do sometimes and it won’t affect the chemistry of your water either. The fragrance isn’t very strong, however, so watch how much you use to avoid over-foaming the next day.

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Parker Hannifin

It’s nice to have a water supply close by for your hot tub. The only problem is that not every water supply is actually within reach for those times when you need to adjust your fill levels. That’s why we recommend owning a high quality hose with a brass assembly for best results. The durable cover on this hose, made from 100% rubber, gives you plenty of flexibility for reaching hot tubs in tough spaces. The brass couplings are crush-proof and the O-rings are of high quality to give you a good seal. It’s 25 feet in length and provides up to 125 PSI.

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If you want a seat for your hot tub that goes beyond what has been built into the design, then this PureSpa model will give you the support you need. It’s a brand-specific hot tub seat, so keep that in mind before finalizing the purchase. You can remove it from the hot tub when you’re done or choose to leave it in there. It’s slip resistant thanks to the textured surface, can raise your height if need be to avoid splashing, and offers comfort when you need it the most.

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The best hot tub accessories will help you maximize the enjoyment of your hydrotherapy investment. Find your preferred products today, get them ordered, and then plan on having a great time.

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