Review: American Spas 5 Person Waterfall Hot Tub

This may be listed as a 5 person hot tub, but in a pinch you could actually fit 7 in there if you wanted to do so. There are 30 stainless steel massage therapy jets that will give you strong water movement from all sides of the hot tub. And that’s just the start of what the American Spas 5 Person Waterfall hot tub is able to provide. You get to be in control of your hydrotherapy experience in this lounger spa design. So kick back, relax, and let your muscles become wobbly with joy when you use this fantastic hot tub.

There’s a Lot to Love with This American Spas Model 

American Spas has gotten the foundation of this hot tub right. It uses a 5 BHP jet pump so that you receive the performance of two pumps for your hot tub, but with just one pump that you need to maintain. It does require a 240v outlet to operate, so some homes may need to have some wiring work done before installing this hot tub.

There’s also an economy mode that has been given to this hot tub for the times when you are not using it. This helps to keep the power bill increases to a minimum while you’re able to effectively maintain the water temperature you want. It also heats up really fast, so most owners will be able to use it the same day it is delivered.

We did notice that the instructions for setting up this hot tub include completely bleeding all air out of the system. Many of the complaints we noticed about pump failures or inadequate pressure upon start-up of the hot tub seem to deal with this particular step.

The added features of this hot tub, including the waterfall and the extra lighting, help to provide an experience of luxury when using it. The lounger seat design is one of the most comfortable we got to see as well, though the seating is a bit deep for those who are 5 feet or under in height. The jets are surprisingly powerful as well, so the overall user experience is one that is highly positive.

There Are Some Minor Design Issues with This American Spas 5 Person Hot Tub 

The one issue of note that we noticed when taking a look at this particular American Spas hot tub was the height of the jets. The top row of jets all around the hot tub are placed rather high compared to some other hot tubs we’ve seen, which causes excessive splashing in the tub. This is especially true if the water levels are not precisely to the fill line for the hot tub.

In a review of the complaints for this particular model, it is important to note that the most common complaint comes from shipping damage. If you receive a curbside delivery for this hot tub that does not look right, it is within your rights to refuse the delivery because of damage. If you accept delivery and attempt to setup a non-operating hot tub, you could cause further damage to it or even to your home.

Some hot tubs are a great deal, but don’t really provide a realistic performance. Others provide an awesome performance, but put a huge dent in your checkbook to do it. This American Spas 5 Person Waterfall hot tub gives you a great experience at a fair price. If you want a large hot tub with impressive hydrotherapy options, then this is definitely the make and model for you.

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