Review: American Spas AM-628TM Two Person Hot Tub

Some hot tubs can be massively huge and provide disappointing results. Others might provide great results, but not really fit into the current structure of your home. The American Spas AM-628TM two person hot tub fixes both of those problems with affordable ease. With a triangular design that can fit into virtually any corner of any room with the right structural and foundational supports, you and your favorite other person can enjoy consistent and relaxing comfort.

Why We Ultimately Love the American Spas AM-628TM 

Although this hot tub is relatively small compared to other makes and models, it still comes equipped with a 2 BHP motor. This gives the 28 stainless steel massage jets a lot of power to work up and down your back. Combined with the 5.5 kW heavy duty Titanium heater, you’ll be able to stay nice and warm at your preferred temperature as well.

There’s plenty of space for both people in this tub with dedicated seating for both people. Although one person gets to lounge and the other has more of a bucket seat, both positions are comfortable and limit the splashing that other hot tubs sometimes produce.

We also loved how easy it was to perform maintenance tasks with this particular hot tub. The filter placement is within easy reach and it just takes a couple of minutes to swap out the filters. This way you’ll always receive a clean and sanitary hot tub experience without much hassle at all.

The shell itself is nice and strong. It’s made from a laminate fiber and steel construction system that provides layered strength. There are 7 layers in total within the design, so it can withstand the normal bumps that a hot tub tends to receive. It also comes with a cover for this price and requires only a 15 amp, 110 volt dedicated service.

What Might Make Some Think Twice About the American Spas AM-628TM 

This particular hot tub from American Spas is equipped with a Corona Discharge cell, which produces active ozone bubbles to purify the water. For those who are sensitive to the odor of ozone, you’re going to notice its operation if you’re in the room at the same time. It’s not so bothersome outdoors, but indoor use could be a little problematic – even with plenty of ventilation.

There’s not much space on this hot tub for some of the finer things in life that are enjoyed when trying to relax. You’ll want to invest into some of the best hot tub accessories for any beverages or snacks you might want to bring along.

This hot tub is also heavy at 600 pounds. There are 7 person hot tubs available that weigh less than this one. Although not necessarily a bad thing, it may limit the installation options that some homeowners may have. To save on size, there is limited insulation for the hot tub as well and that may be problematic for some locations.

It’s a solid hot tub option if you’re looking for more hydrotherapy, less overall space, and aren’t very concerned about energy efficiency. You can also wire it to 22 if you want and this hot tub looks fantastic once installed. It gets the job done and ultimately that’s why it earns our recommendation.

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