Review: Lifesmart 600DX 7 Person Hot Tub

There are times when you just want to have it all. Instead of picking and choosing each specific accessory and feature, you just want one product or one kit that gives you everything. That’s the attitude which seems to be behind the design of the Lifesmart 600DX 7 person hot tub. Not only does it offer plenty of space with its bucket seating design, but there is a massive jet count of 65, including the waterfall that comes with this unit.

This hot tub also comes with an energy saving value package, which gives you stainless steel jets, an LED lighting system, and a tapered hard cover that locks over the hot tub. When all of that is added into the final price, this commercial-grade hot tub becomes surprisingly affordable now and with its ongoing operational costs.

What We Loved About the Lifesmart 600DX 

We were surprised by how remarkably light this hot tub happens to be. When you get to hot tubs of this size, it’s not uncommon to see them weight 1,000 pounds or more. Not the Lifesmart 600DX. It weighs just a shade over 500 pounds. This gives you a few more installation options for your home, which can definitely be a good thing.

With regular use, we found that the power consumption for this particular hot tub was in the 160-200 Kwh range. How that translates to additional costs on a power bill would depend on local rates, but this is in line with other energy efficient models that are available.

It comes with an ozonation system to help with the water conditioning. Some users may prefer this and others may not, but it’s easy enough to operate for your ongoing maintenance needs. It does require a 220/240 circuit for the home, so you may need to run some wiring or upgrade your circuit before installing this hot tub.

Certain Issues to Consider Before Purchase 

When we took a look at the actual surface of the hot tub, the Lifesmart 600DX actually has some texture on the interior surface. This provides it with some needed slip-resistance, but there’s enough texture there that it can actually dig into your skin and feel uncomfortable if you sit in the tub for an extended period of time. If you’re used to a smooth hot tub interior, this particular surface will take an adjustment period.

Unlike some other Lifesmart models, we also found that the control placement for this particular hot tub was a little inconvenient. Because it’s a value purchase, there are limited options to control of course, but those that are available require some awkward positioning to adjust.

The jet count is a little excessive for what it needs to be. This affects the power each jet can provide, but overall the experience was still positive. It would be nice if all of the jets would work on the high setting.

If you’re looking for a larger spa with some commercial features that can be a long-lasting investment, then this is the hot tub for you. We highly recommend it as a first hot tub, a second hot tub, or even as one for the office as a unique employee perk. Give it a try and we think you’ll like it as well.

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