Review: Lifesmart Rock Solid Luna Hot Tub with Plug and Play

Not every hot tub needs to be massive in size to offer a wonderfully relaxing experience. Sometimes you may wish for a little more privacy or intimacy with your hot tub. This is what the Lifesmart Rock Solid Luna hot tub offers so well. Not only is it a plug and play design that will work virtually anywhere you have a solid foundation, but it features a comfort valve air mixing system that will allow you to customize your comfort.

It may be recommended to seat only 2-3 people, but there’s enough space in there for up to 5 with the unique wide oval design of this hot tub. It’s a great value purchase for those who want to invest into their first hot tub – or for households that want a smaller second hot tub to enjoy.

The Luna Model from Lifesmart Provides Several Key Benefits

What we liked the most about the Lifesmart Luna hot tub was the jet configuration. There are a dozen jets in total that are spaced appropriately around the oval. Some are in a vertical configuration so you can have hydrotherapy points hit your spine directly. Others are horizontally configured to give your shoulders and neck some massaging relief. You choose the type you want, grab your seat, and you’re ready to relax.

The power requirements for this hot tub are also something that virtually every home can handle. It only requires an 110v 15 amp dedicated circuit in order to operate. That makes it similar to your refrigerator or laundry equipment. We would recommend having it connected to a trip circuit in case it gets wet for some reason.

There’s also a waterfall and foot jets included with this hot tub’s design. We found these features to be useful enough, especially if your feet are aching after a long day of work. The valves to control the air/water mix are easy enough to reach on the top of the hot tub itself, so you can customize your experience pretty easily. Put it in your garage or your backyard and you’ll have a wonderful experience.

There Are a Couple of Uncomfortable Discoveries 

The one main issue we can see some owners having with the Lifesmart Luna is the seating design. You’re almost sitting all the way down on the floor of the tub in this model. If you’re sharing this hot tub with others, then there is going to be some leg jousting in the middle of the tub as everyone tries to find a comfortable position that keeps their head above water.

We can also see the plug and play nature of this hot tub being taken too literally by some owners. Although you can plug it into a standard outlet, this hot tub does require a dedicated 15 amp circuit. You aren’t going to want to run other appliances on the same circuit as this one. Many homes have a dedicated outside circuit that can be used, but you won’t want to run anything else on it once the hot tub is plugged in.

We also noted the heater runs constantly when the jets are on for this tub. Not a big issue for 10-20 minutes of use, but eventually the water temperature does lower because of the air/water mixture.

For an affordable hot tub, the Lifesmart Luna model does an excellent job of providing a relaxing experience. We highly recommend it for those who are looking for a smaller hot tub experience.

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