Review: Progress Lighting 52-Inch Ceiling Fan

If you have finished your garage, then the idea of having an industrial ceiling fan seems silly. Why pay more for commercial-quality products when a traditional indoor product could potentially meet your needs? That’s where we like the benefits of the Progress Lighting 52-Inch Ceiling Fan. With 5 blades and a 3-speed reversible motor, it gives you a wonderful combination of value and performance for a price that won’t break the budget.

This ceiling fan offers 80-inch lead wires as well, which most garage ceiling fans from other manufacturers don’t offer. You’re also given a 30-year limited warranty on the product, which is one of the best in this category.

Here are some of the key features to think about when looking at this ceiling fan from Progress Lighting.

  • It is an Energy Star-certified ceiling fan, though the CFM rating of 5182 is below average in this category.
  • The ceiling fan does come with a remote. You can turn the fan on when installed in the garage before you head out there to work, allowing you to improve the comfort of your environment with the push of a button.
  • For the overall look of the fan, it gets the basics right. It offers a white finish and the blades are finished in white to match. You can install the fan without the down rod as well to create more of a flush-mount experience in a garage with a lower ceiling.

The total height of this 52-inch ceiling fan is 13.5 inches, but the CTC is just 9.75 inches. That means it can accommodate most workshops and garages, though some homeowners may find issues with rail interference.

Observations of the Progress Lighting Ceiling Fan

We really liked the canopy system that comes with this particular ceiling fan. It allows you to install the ceiling fan in garages that have angled or peaked ceilings. Even if your pitch has a 12:12 ratio, you can still benefit from what this Progress Lighting ceiling fan can provide.

There aren’t rich features that come with this ceiling fan, but that’s okay. It does a great job of getting the basics right. The fan isn’t noisy when you operate it at a higher speed. The blade wind and noise doesn’t interfere with what you’re working on. You can use it all year long and enjoy its low-maintenance ownership experience thanks to its triple-capacitor motor.

This ceiling fan does struggle when operating in environments that would require a damp rating. If your garage or workshop experiences high humidity or you live along an ocean coast, this ceiling fan may experience a shorter lifespan than expected.

Progress Lighting offers a number of light kits that can work with this fan if you wish to take full advantage of what it can do. They are sold separately from this fan, however, so it is an added cost.

The Progress Lighting 52-Inch Ceiling Fan was one of the best surprises we were able to experience. It may be more of a traditional ceiling fan, but it works very well in a garage setting and could be the affordable solution to meet your needs today.

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