Review: Splash Pools Soft Sided Insulated Hot Tub

When you think of a portable hot tub, most folks think of the inflatable type. Or maybe there’s the picture of a very small above ground hot tub that offers a minimal number of features. In the world of portability, it’s time to start thinking about the Splash Pools Soft Sided Insulated hot tub instead. It’s a real hot tub that provides real hydrotherapy benefits and not one of those inflatable spas that offer an experience that is similar to taking a bath.

This Hot Tub Provides Numerous Benefits Immediately

Don’t take the soft-sided nature of this design casually. It offers an insulated spa cover and is made from marine-grade vinyl so that it provides you with a heavy duty experience. The inner layer of this hot tub is made from the same materials that you’ll find in the best quality above-ground swimming pools, so it isn’t just going to wear out on you after a season or two.

There’s also the PVC skeleton of this hot tub to consider. Installation is simple and easy because the rot-proof design of this model can go virtually anywhere you have a flat, level, and puncture-proof surface. As an added benefit, this hot tub arrives fully assembled so that you can just fill it up upon delivery, get the water heated, and you’re ready to go.

It’s lightweight enough that it can be used indoors if there is enough ventilation in place. Most decks will be able to handle the full weight of this hot tub without much modification. There’s also a full filtration system built into the design. It’s affordable, doesn’t take up a whole lot of space, and offers a uniquely portable experience that no other hot tub right now can really match.

Then you have the included cleaning kit to consider. Because this is a soft-sided hot tub, cleaning it is a little different. Make sure to follow the instructions from the manufacturer for best results.

What’s Not to Like About the Splash Pools Soft-Sided Hot Tub? 

This is a plug and play hot tub design, so it will work virtually anywhere. We found that a dedicated circuit works the best for this hot tub. Use the outdoor outlets for best results.

There are only 8 hydrotherapy jets included with this hot tub, so the amount of water movement is somewhat minimal compared to other units. It’s still relaxing since you get to enjoy 315 gallons of hot water whenever you want, but there isn’t the full force jet movement that some hot tub owners may prefer.

It can seat 4 people if you don’t mind being up close and personal with everyone. It does seat 3 people comfortably. A family of 6 with younger children could get away with having everyone in this hot tub and have enough space.

You’ll save time on the installation of this hot tub since everything is ready to go, but it will take about a full day for the water to heat up to your preferred temperature. In return for this time investment, you’ll have a low maintenance hot tub that you’ll be able to place virtually anywhere and enjoy all season long.

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