Review: Westinghouse Casanova White Flush Mount Ceiling Fan

Many flush-mount ceiling fans attempt to give you the basics of air movement, but don’t include any additional features. The idea is something like this: your main feature is the ceiling hugger design, so you don’t need anything else. The Westinghouse Casanova White Flush Mount Ceiling Fan would disagree with that kind of logic.

It is one of the few ceiling fans in this category that can be controlled by remote or wired into a wall control… though you must purchase those options separately. Installing from the box, you’re given a 3-speed pull-chain toggle to use instead.

Here are some of the other features you can find on this ceiling fan by Westinghouse.

  • It offers homeowners a CFM rating of 5098. Because it uses 60w without a light kit, you are installing a fan in a standard room that has an efficiency rating of 85.
  • The 52-inch ceiling fan offers the blades at a 11-degree pitch, which moves the air very efficiently after installation, despite its proximity to the ceiling.
  • The motor on this ceiling fan is manufactured with cold-rolled steel and offers a quiet user experience.

The Casanova ceiling fan is rated to work in rooms of up to 360 square feet while maintaining is CFM and efficiency ratings.

Observations of the Westinghouse Casanova Ceiling Fan

The installation process for this ceiling fan was a bit more challenging than some others. You’re provided a 12-inch lead wire only, so you’ve got virtually no room for error with this model. Take some time, get your tools ready in advance, and be patient with yourself. It took us about 60 minutes in total.

Once you finish the installation, there is a tendency for the motor to hum a little bit as the ceiling fan begins to warm up. When the fan reaches the intended speed, the humming noise tends to fade away.

You can reverse the blades in addition to reversing the spin direction on this fan. You do need to unscrew the blades from their mounts to do so, however, so it isn’t the best option. Having the wood side of the blade be visually represented does present a nice look for many rooms, especially with the ceiling hugger design.

There is a definite blade wind noise issue that can be experienced with this fan on a higher speed when it is installed in a smaller room. We’d recommend using this fan in a room that is at least 150 square feet in size to reduce this issue as much as possible.

The bottom line here is this: the Westinghouse Casanova White Flush Mount Ceiling Fan is a moderately priced unit that offers a snug fit and an excellent value. Although the overall power of the ceiling fan is somewhat limited by its design, it is far from an underwhelming experience. Install a light kit if you wish or enjoy the fan without one. Either way, this ceiling fan will provide a positive impact for your home.

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