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If you’re looking for a new or replacement ceiling fan today, you’ll find that there is a lot of competition from various brands out there today. Even when compared to just 10 years ago, the number of manufacturers creating high-quality ceiling fans has risen dramatically. Instead of a handful of brands to think about, there are several dozen brands that all offer a specific strength that could be beneficial to your home.

Some brands manufacture ceiling fans for specific purposes. You might find one brand trying to be the best outdoor ceiling fan manufacturer, while another might opt for being the best bedroom ceiling fan brand.

Here is a look at the best ceiling fan brands in the industry right now and what strengths they bring to the table, in no particular ranking order.

1. Casablanca Fan Company

Casablanca is one of the top brands for those who are seeking an energy efficient product. Their motors are noted for being very powerful without a high level of noise pollution. You can also customize many of the models offered by this brand with different blades, lighting kits, or controls. The first ceiling fan from this brand was introduced in 1974 and was a belt-driven fan that was intended for commercial use.What makes Casablanca so unique is their approach. Instead of seeing a fan, this brand sees a piece of furniture. Their goal is to never compromise on their ideals and never conform to new industry standards that are sub-standard to their own.  

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2. Craftmade 

  Craftmade was established as a ceiling fan brand in 1985. This is where you’ll want to go if you want something that is durable and provides a no-frills solution. They offer an extensive collection of ceiling fans that fit into the style of your home while saving energy without being overly expensive. You’ll find modern and contemporary styles with this brand, traditional options, and much more. 

The goal of this brand to provide more knowledge and design application wisdom to the ceiling fan industry. You’ll find this goal represented in some unique designs that range from casual to contemporary. 

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 3. DecoBREEZE

This brand is likely the one you haven’t heard of before. Their ceiling fans are somewhat unconventional, designed to be more of a “retro” look than that of a traditional ceiling fan. You would also need to hang these smaller fans from a hook or wire it directly into your grid. From airplanes to owls and everything in-between, these figurine fans are sure to be a welcome inclusion to any home.  

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4. Ellington 

Ellington ceiling fans are actually under the umbrella of Craftmade. This collection provides the best in traditional designs, offering warm woods and cool breezes with a perfect combination. If you’ve always loved the look of your ceiling fans and you just want to upgrade them to new technologies, then this is the brand to look at first. 

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5. Emerson 

Emerson has long set the standards for the ceiling fan industry. They have been in business for more than a century, pushing innovation every step of the way, since the first ceiling fan was introduced in 1895. Their EcoMotor is one of the best energy-efficient motors that are in the industry today. Their new lkGLO series of light fixtures with their ceiling fans incorporates LED bulbs seamlessly. 

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 6. Fanimation 

Fanimation is a ceiling fan brand that focuses on style and then brings the energy efficiencies along for the ride. You will find some of the most innovative designs in our industry today belong to this brand. From propellers to windmills to vintage ceiling fan ideas, there is something perfect for your home. Wet-rated ceiling fans up to 84 inches in diameter can be found in this brand’s collections.  

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7. Hunter 

Hunter ceiling fans are all about providing you with options. You’ll find models come with or without light kits, include remote controls if you want, and low-profile models are available as well. There is a limited collection of outdoor ceiling fans available as well. Many of the styles speak of rustic tones, with traditional light kits that include glass shades. If you’re looking for a ceiling fan with clean edges and a smart personality, this is going to be the brand for you.  

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8. Kichler 

Kichler has been in the ceiling fan market since 1938. They are one of the oldest and most established brands with a reputation for manufacturing beautiful items for the home. There are multiple colors, finishes, and sizes available with their line of ceiling fans, allowing you to create or complement the perfect look from floor to ceiling. Both their indoor and outdoor models including trademarked CoolTouch Controls and coordinating lighting.  

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9. Minka Aire 

The Minka Group is behind the Minka Aire brand of ceiling fans. Their goal as a brand is to define what they call the “art of air management.” You’ll find several unique designs within their various collections, including some of the most innovative modern designs available in the industry today. Some of their ceiling fans, like those in the George Kovacs collection, feel like a work of art instead of a ceiling fan. 

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10. Monte Carlo 

If you want to install or upgrade to a modern ceiling fan, then Monte Carlo has several beautiful collections for you to consider. Many of their designs follow the 3-blade propeller design, but wood and metal tones are both available. Their collections offer indoor and outdoor options, but the real strength of this brand is their “mini” or “petite” fans. With sizing options as small as 20 inches, you’ll be able to find something perfect for every room in your home. 

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11. Quorum International 

Based in Fort Worth, TX, this brand is perhaps the best lifestyle brand in our industry right now. Operating under the guidance of Davoil, Inc., Quorum International has been manufacturing ceiling fans since 1981. With nearly 400 different ceiling fan models being produced right now, almost every homeowner will be able to find something that they will enjoy from Quorum. The ceiling fan design that really attracts attention with this brand is their windmill fan. It is a collection that is unique, exclusive, and will “set your space apart.”  

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12. Tommy Bahama

Tommy Bahama is the brand of ceiling fan to pursue if you’re wanting an island vibe to your room or outdoor patio. You might know them more for their clothing lines, furniture, or indoor rugs, but Emerson has bought the rights to use this branding for their ceiling fans. Many of their designs are nature-driven, including palms, bamboo, and grass weaving. The wood is often stained dark with this brand and there is extra attention paid to the details of each component. 

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13. Westinghouse 

This brand features a classic assortment of traditional looks with just a twist of the modern. Size options are available in as small as 24 inches or as large as 72 inches. You’ll find clean lines, beautiful craftsmanship, and LED technologies incorporated into many designs. Light kits are optional with many of their collections. 

Westinghouse was started in 1946 and continues to operate on its original foundations as a family-owned business, though wholly owned. They are based in Pennsylvania and distribute products around the world. The actual Westinghouse name comes from the Westinghouse Electric Corporation, founded in 1886 by George Westinghouse.

At one point, the brand was owned by Viacom, which was acquired by CBS in 1999. In 2005, when CBS and Viacom split back into two companies, the Westinghouse brand was revived and sold to Toshiba in 2006.

Since 2010, the brand has focused on lighting products.

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What About the Store-Based or Generic Brands?

You may have noticed that there are some glaring omissions from the best ceiling fan brand list. We purposely excluded brands like Hampton Bay, Color LED, and Harbor Breeze because of how the brand is structured. Several different brands are considered “store-based” brands that have dramatically different pricing and access structures based on a customer’s geographic location.

Harbor Breeze is directly associated with Lowe’s Home Improvement stores. Hampton Bay is directly associated with The Home Depot.

Store-based brands are developed to fill-in service gaps. The other brands focus more on innovation. Both are required for our industry to thrive.

You can learn more about Hampton Bay products by visiting their Home Depot page.

You can also learn more about Harbor Breeze products by visiting their Lowe’s page.

Now that doesn’t mean the quality of these fans is inferior or that you shouldn’t snatch a good deal with one of these brands if you find them. Some of the best ceiling fans actually come from these store-based or generic brands.

Our focus of this page is to help you get to know the ceiling fan brands that have built their own branding over the years. Now some have been sold to conglomerate groups and others have merged together, but that doesn’t change the story of the brand.

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