Best Ceiling Fan with Lights

The benefits of ceiling fans are clear. They help to make a room feel more comfortable, help with the utility bills, and come with design options that allow you to create a look that matches your perfect style. It is equally important to find a ceiling fan with lights when it will be the primary fixture in the room.

When should you purchase a ceiling fan light kit? Or look for a ceiling fan that comes with a light kit as part of the standard setup?

Which Ceiling Fan with Lights Is the Best?

Many ceiling fans come with an integrated light today. Some have an up-light design, while others utilize a downlight design. Some models even have a basic light and cap design that provides enough illumination. Here are the top-rated options to think about installing in your home if you need a ceiling fan with a light kit.

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How to Find the Best Ceiling Fan Option for Me

Not everyone needs to have a ceiling fan that is equipped with a light kit. Your first step should be to determine how much light is available in the room where the ceiling fan will be. Rooms that have several windows or plenty of open space with access to natural light may not need a light at all.

If you have lamps already in place that provide adequate lighting, adding another light with the ceiling fan may not make sense either.

On the other hand, if you have several lamps in a room and they struggle to provide enough light, the best ceiling fans with lights will provide you with a better lighting option for that space. Why turn on 6 different lamps to light up a room when you could flip one switch and turn your ceiling fan on?

Ceiling fans with lights will provide enough illumination to enhance any type of space. Your room may be formal, like a dining room, or informal, like a family room. There is a ceiling fan designed to put the right amount of light into your space. If you want more control over this light than a simple toggle switch, look for a ceiling fan or light kit that is compatible with dimmer switches or remote controls.

If your ceiling fan light is connected to a dimmer switch, the fan portion must be wired to a separate switch. 

Look for Energy Star ceiling fans if you’re worried about how much energy you’ll consume. Ceiling fans that have earned this government certification are 50% or more efficient than their counterparts in many instances.

What Type of Light to Use for a Ceiling Fan Light Kit

Many people use energy-efficient halogen light bulbs in their ceiling fans today. Halogen bulbs look like incandescent bulbs… because they are incandescent bulbs. The difference between a “halogen bulb” and an “incandescent bulb” involves the composition of the glass envelope and the gas used inside the envelope. Both use a tungsten filament that is heated.

The energy savings between the two is minimal, but halogen bulbs last longer. A 60w incandescent bulb is the equivalent to a 43w halogen bulb. The halogen bulb will last twice as long, on average, compared to the traditional incandescent.

Some households may look at lighting options with an even greater energy efficiency. CFL lighting and LED bulbs are two modern options that offer 13w and 12w consumption options compared to the 60w incandescent bulb.

Before installing CFL or LED bulbs, you will need to look at the wattage recommendations of the ceiling fan. All ceiling fans are required to have a built-in light limiter. This prevents over-lamping for the power draw of the fan. Some ceiling fans may have a minimum lamping required as well.

Here’s an example. Let’s say the ceiling fan has a 180w maximum draw. It is designed to hold three 60w incandescent light bulbs. It also has a minimum draw of 80w that must be met for the light kit to provide illumination.

In this example, installing 3 CFL bulbs would offer a 39w draw. If 3 LED bulbs were installed, it would be a 36w draw. If three halogen bulbs were used, it would be a 129w draw.

For this ceiling fan with lights, the only energy savings option would be to use halogen bulbs.

This information will be clearly printed in the owner’s manual, the online specifications for the ceiling fan, and is on the fan itself on a sticker that is usually found near the motor.

What If I Want Dimming Options for My Ceiling Fan with Lights?

If you have a dimmer switch installed in your home and that is what the light kit of your ceiling fan will be wired into, then incandescent bulbs are your best option. Incandescent bulbs provide a full range of dimming options. They tend to be the cheapest bulbs to purchase at retail cost, though they have an average lifespan of just 1,000 hours.

Another option that may be suitable for your ceiling fan is a dimmable LED bulb. These bulbs retail for up to 10 times the cost of an incandescent bulb, but many are rated to operate for at least 50,000 hours. LED dimmable bulbs also consume 4 times less energy than an incandescent bulb.

You will need to ensure your ceiling fan’s light kit is compatible with LED dimmable bulbs before installing them.

Cost Expectations for a Ceiling Fan with Lights

Compared to the cost of the best ceiling fans for the bedroom or the best outdoor ceiling fans, a ceiling fan with lights is priced at a higher per-product average. Most homeowners should expect to pay about $150 for a ceiling fan that meets their needs.

If you’re wanting to install a modern or contemporary ceiling fan with LED light compatibility, several models are in the $300-$500 range.

There are some entry-level options in the $50-$100 range that may be suitable for some homes as well. Always review the exact specifications of the ceiling fan to ensure it will meet your needs before purchase.

Ceiling Fans with Lights: Our Reviews

Casa Vieja

This 38-inch ceiling fan offers a rich bronze finish, but that isn’t what catches the eye first. It’s the unique three-tier design that offers circular fans instead of the traditional bladed design. The light kit is centered in this design, creating the visual effect that the fans are like a chandelier. If you’re looking for an antique look, we think you’ll be very pleased by everything this ceiling fan provides to your home.

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This 84-inch ceiling fan offers an impressive look. It comes with a dimmable light kit, based on a 17w LED module, which can produce up to 1,350 lumens. Wall controls are included with this ceiling fan as well, but it is a TR39 control. You can use a TW40LA or TW40WH if you prefer. The blades are offered in a composite black, which makes the silver housing stand out beautifully. Total height from the ceiling to the bottom of the light kit is just under 16.75 inches. Keep the hanging weight in mind, as it is over 35 pounds.

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Minka Aire

This ceiling fan is the perfect opportunity for someone who wants to add a touch of contemporary design to their home. It is similar to the steep-pitch 3-blade propeller look, but the Artemis collection here offers 5 blades instead. Several different finishes are available so you can create the perfect look with this 62-inch fan. It comes with an LED light option and a remote control. Six speed settings are available and there is a reverse function as well. An angled ceiling adapter is included, along with a 3.5-inch and 6-inch down rod. It’s definitely one of the best options you’ll find in this or any other ceiling fan category today.

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And if you prefer the 3-blade propeller design, but with better materials and manufacturing practices, then this is the model for you. There are 5 different color variations available for this ceiling fan. It works with Amazon Alexa to support vocal commands for light dimming. It’s controlled by an IR remote and is factory-balanced to ensure an outstanding performance. Once installed, it does not click, rattle, or wobble. As an added benefit, it exceeds the current energy efficiency requirements by 450%.

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Savoy House

Or you could go with a 2-blade propeller design instead to create a minimized, but still modern, look with your ceiling fan with a light kit. This fan features a satin nickel finish, complemented by white opal glass. It takes a G9 H-type bulb, which is included in the box. The fan is surprisingly wide at 68 inches, but it doesn’t feel that way in your space because of its design. The only real knock on this fan is the fact that it is backed by a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty only.

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The best ceiling fans with lights will brighten up your room while helping to regulate how it feels. Choose the best option that works with your interior design and you’ll add the perfect conversation piece for the next time you have visitors.

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