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Did you know that the look of a ceiling fan, especially with the blades of the fan, is more a matter of design than an issue with efficiency? How a ceiling fan moves air is based on the pitch of its blades. As long as you get that right, you’ll find more comfort. For that reason, the best cheap ceiling fans focus more on functionality than a specific look.

In return, you get a great price on a product that can help you enjoy time with family and friends in each room.

Which Cheap Models Are the Best?

For practical purposes, we’ve classified the top-rated ceiling fans in a pricing category of $100 or less. Finding which model is the best for your space depends on the size of your room, how much airflow you want, and how much light that space receives. There isn’t “one” perfect model to recommend, which is why these top-rated models could all be the right option for you.

Cheap Ceiling Fans and Their Accessories

Even though one might think cheap ceiling fans come without any features, the truth is quite the opposite of that potential perception. Many of the ceiling fans in this category are rich in features. Here are the most common features to expect if you’re looking for an awesome model that isn’t going to break your budget.

  • Angled ceiling adapters. This adapter will attach to the electrical box, allowing you to attach a longer down rod to your unit so it can work with taller or sloped ceilings.
  • Light kits. Most cheap models come with some type of light kit. Many use a single fixture that is covered by a bowl, but there are some 3-light options with glass shades for a traditional look in this category as well.
  • Remote controls. This feature allows you to adjust your comfort level without needing to get up to use the pull chain.

Even when remote controls are used, many units use a pull chain as a decorative element. If you happen to lose the remote, you can still make adjustments to the fan speed or turn the light off by toggling the switch to which the chain is connected.

The finish of the fan is something that should be classified as an accessory as well. Many popular design finishes can be found in this category, including white, matte black, and polished metal. Wood laminate blades are common in this category, but you’ll find the metal components finished with antique bronze, polished pewter, or even gold or silver plating.

The one feature that is difficult to find in this category is DC motors. A direct current motor is up to 70% more efficient than an AC (alternating current) motor and much quieter when operating.

How to Avoid a Lemon When Purchasing

If you look at the specifications of products offered in this category, you’ll find that many of them have three traits in common.

  • The blades are made from a pressed wood, like plywood, and then given an inexpensive veneer to create a natural wood look.
  • The motors are manufactured in high-capacity factories overseas, with most using the complexes in China for their products.
  • The warranty is less than 10 years.

When shopping in this category, two common complaints are often seen: 1) the fan tends to hum when operating, even at a low speed; and 2) there are issues with balance and vibration, even though the fan was properly installed.

Although there must be some give and take when shopping in an entry-level category, there are some compromises that don’t need to be made. You won’t find first-class when shopping at coach prices, but you can look for quality in the construction and basic design elements.

As an example: good motors should have sealed bearings. This means they don’t require any lubrication while operating, which permits a quiet user experience for several years. Look for cheap models that are certified or listed by Underwriter’s Laboratories and similar testing agencies.

You can also look to the length of the warranty as an indication of quality. Some cheap units have a warranty of only 90 days. Others have warranties that go beyond 5 years. A few even offer limited lifetime warranties.

There will always be the occasional product that comes off the line that doesn’t meet the expectations of the consumer. By making sure you check off these key points during the shopping process, however, you’ll be able to lower the risks of purchasing a lemon when you’re looking to own one of the better budget ceiling fans.

Do Budget Ceiling Fans Still Provide the Same Benefits?

Cheap models may have few design options, but that doesn’t change the fact that they still offer the same benefits as any other ceiling fan. Once installed, you’ll find a healthier airflow in your room, which prevents staleness to the air and can even act as an air freshener.

Affordable ceiling fans can also have energy-efficiency ratings. It’s much cheaper to run one of these fans during a warm day compared to operating an air conditioner. You may not receive the same temperature change to the environment, but you’ll still feel cooler with the fan running. In winter, you can even feel warmer if the fan can operate in reverse.

Cheaper models are also very easy to install and operate. That way, every homeowner has the ability to adjust their lighting to their personal preference or extend the heating or cooling options across all 4 seasons.

The 4 primary styles are all included in this category as well. Although the hanging propeller design is the most popular, there are directional, rotational, and outdoor ceiling fans that can meet specific needs.

Our Reviews

Minka Aire

This contractor-style design is an exceptional value at the 42-inch size. You receive a standard 3-speed experience, controlled with a pull chain, and manual reversing is permitted with a switch on the motor. Numerous finishes are available to meet your interior design needs. A 4-inch down rod is included in the box, as is an angled ceiling adapter. Although a light kit is not included, it is compatible with options manufactured by Minka Aire. Give it a try and it will outperform many other models, no matter what pricing category they might be in.

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H & H

Oil-rubbed bronze finishes are rare to find in the budget category, but you’ll find it here with this flush-mount design. Everything about this model screams “traditional.” You have reversible blades with cherry or light maple veneer finishes. The 4-blade design moves air reasonably well. Dual pull chains allow you to turn the light on or off and control fan speed. You can install it with a light kit or go without as well. It may not be super fancy, but it gets the job done.

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Hardware House

This small unit is an over-performer. Even though it is only 30 inches, you’ll feel a strong downdraft underneath this 6-bladed fan. Four different finishes are available. A cap is included with this fan if you prefer not to use the light kit, though a bulb is not included with the candelabra base. You can reverse the air flow on this fan as well and power it up with 3 different speed settings. It is the perfect little model for a child’s room, a large walk-in closet, or any other similar space in your home.

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This is another small option that has perfected the traditional look. With a brushed nickel base and warm, dark wood veneers on the blades, this model produces a surprisingly good CFM of 2995. Without lights, it uses 44w, offering an efficiency rating of 68. A 78-inch lead wire is included for high ceiling installations. It’s one of the few low cost ceiling fans that comes with a limited lifetime warranty on the motor as well. This fan is rated to work in rooms up to 144 square feet in size.

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Hunter Fan Company

This model might be at the top of the pricing category, but it is also one of the best fans on the market today. It offers a compact 5-blade design with a 42-inch span. Bronze and warm wood colors create a rich, inviting experience once the fan is installed. The motor on this model is reversible and the flush-mount design allows this fan to be installed in almost any room. Included is a 3-light fitter with Toffee glass. Use incandescent bulbs to meet minimum wattage needs.

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The best cheap ceiling fans prove that you can be comfortable while sticking to your budget. Find the perfect fan today and make life better at home.

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