Best Way to Clean Ceiling Fans

It’s been a few days since you turned the ceiling fan in your bedroom on. Now that it is warm, you put the fan speed on high. Just seconds later, you’re bombarded with a cloud of dust, and so is your bed. If you own pets, there could be some fur in that debris as well.

You’ve encountered ceiling fan lint.

Because of their high location, the blades of a ceiling fan are not always cleaned as often as they should be. When a ceiling fan spins in the same direction on a consistent basis, the edge of the blade can accumulate sticky, greasy gunk that can be difficult to remove.

Over time, ceiling fan lint can damage the finish of the blades.

Here is the best way to clean ceiling fans so you don’t need to worry about breathing in some ceiling fan lint the next time you turn yours on.

1. Use the pillowcase method. Standing on a chair or ladder, take a clean pillowcase. Place the entire blade inside the pillowcase. Now pull the pillowcase back toward you slowly as this will trap the lint inside of it. Work your way around the ceiling fan, performing the same action on each blade. Be careful not to place any weight on the blades because this can cause the fan to become unbalanced. Then place the pillowcase into your washing machine.

2. Use a clean, damp cloth. If you have more dust than lint on your ceiling fan, a clean, damp cloth will clean the ceiling fan quickly. The dampness of the cloth will prevent the dust from becoming airborne. You can also use a disinfectant product to clean the blades, though you will want to make sure that the finish will not bubble, fade, or discolor after you use the cleaning agent.

3. Vacuum the blades. Another easy way to clean the blades of a ceiling fan is to use a vacuum attachment designed to complete the task. Look for an attachment that is small and has brushes that surround a central suction point. Make sure that you drag the attachment in straight lines down the blade to remove as much dust as possible. Some debris will fall onto the floor with this method. Just use the vacuum to remove it after you’ve finished cleaning the fan. Follow up with a damp rag if necessary.

4. Use a ceiling fan duster. Static cling dusters that are designed to clean ceiling fan blades do an excellent job of removing dust and debris. These are disposable products that may require you to stand on a chair or ladder. Some models have a long handle that ends in an “L” shape to make cleaning easier. The key to using this product successfully is to not place weight on the blade as you swipe downward.

It is a good idea to clean a ceiling fan a minimum of once every 2 weeks to maintain a healthy breathing environment.

What is your preferred method of cleaning a ceiling fan?

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